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state governor PLATO

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Q: An analogous position in a state government would be?
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The president of the exectutive branch of the federal government An analoguos position in a state of government would be?

The governor of a state. the government of a state is in power that state

Which government do A dentist would apply for a license?

A dentist would apply for a license with the state government rather than the federal government. The state governs healthcare licensing for its own area.

How does one learn of a current job vacancy within the Federal Government?

To learn about such a position, it would be wise to check with your state's Department of Labor. Availabilities within the government are first made known to them.

How would you distinguish states from government?

government can exist without state but the state can't exist without government.

How old do you have to be to applying to become a magistrate?

A magistrate is a local government position. The local government employing the magistrate would set any/all qualifications for the position.

Is a president an example of an anarchist?

I would imagine a President would likely not be an example of an anarchist, since an anarchist opposes and critiques the legitimacy and purpose of the existence of a state (and thus of the government it supports). Since the President would be a head of the state, it seems hard to believe that she would not believe in the legitimacy of her position.

What is an example of Head of State?

In the USA, the President is both the head of state and the head of government. In a constitutional monarchy, such as Canada, the Queen, when she is actually in Canada, and otherwise the Queen's representative, the Governor General, is the head of state. The position is generally a ceremonial one. It is a non-political position. The office holder is deemed to be "above politics." In Canada, the prime minister is the head of government.

If you could design your ideal job in a state office what things would you include in your position description?

If you could design your ideal job in a state office what things would you include in your position description?

How do you use anologous in a sentence?

Analogous means comparable in certain respects. Saying "I told you so" would be analogous to rubbing salt in his wounds.

What would be the analogous structure of these fins on a human?

The pelvic fin

What was the democratic position on the economy?

That government should be the controlling and regulating authority. government involvement would be dangerous to individual freedom.

What type of government does constitutional monarchy have?

A constitutional monarch would have a democratic government. The monarch would be head of state but would not govern the country.