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Q: An authoritarian ruler claims that he leads the only political group capable of bringing about justice on Earth Which type of rule does he use?
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An authoritarian ruler claims that he leads the only political group capable of bringing about justice on Earth. Which type of rule does he use?


When was Political Justice created?

Political Justice was created in 1793.

Do the Political and Economic systems used to guide a country affect the nation's identity?

They certainly do, especially the political systems. For example, being a Presidential Republic has had a profound impact on US American identity, resulting in the general mainstream ideas about equality, justice, and personal freedoms which are concepts that are substantially less popular in authoritarian regimes.

What is the role of law enforcement agencies in the criminal justice process?

Enforcing the law and bringing those who do not to justice in the courts.

What is the war against terrorists?

Searching for them, arresting them, or destroying them; bringing them to justice.

What has the author Carlo Vulpio written?

Carlo Vulpio has written: 'Roba nostra' -- subject(s): Administration of Justice, History, Justice, Administration of, Political aspects, Political aspects of Administration of justice, Political corruption, Politics and government

What is the difference between a criminal justice and political science degree?

Criminal justice has to do more with law while political science is more politics

What is antifascism?

Antifascism is a political movement that opposes and seeks to combat fascism, a far-right authoritarian and nationalist ideology. Antifascists typically advocate for equality, anti-racism, and social justice, and may engage in direct action to oppose fascist movements and activities.

When must a Supreme Court justice resign?

When they're no longer capable of executing their duty as Supreme Court Justice. As long as they're capable of adequately performing their duties, they have no limit to how long they may serve.

What principles of democracy are not followed in an authoritarian state?

Authoritarianism and democracy are not fundamentally opposed to one another, it is thus definitely possible for democracies to possess strong authoritarian elements, for both feature a form of submission to authority.

What is nazi hunting?

Nazi hunting is the act of locating, and bringing to justice, war criminals who were Nazis.

Who is The person responsible for bringing the accused to justice?

That would be the law enforcement officer. They report, investigate, apprehend, and then present the defendant to court which begins the 'justice' process.