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ok so the revolutionary alphabet is just going through the alphabet and trying to find something to do with the revolutionary war that starts w/ each letter.

like a- Arnold, Benedict

b- Boston tea party and so on. maybe someone else has a different explanation, but that's all i got!

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A: Stamp Act, American Revolution

B:Boston Tea Party

C: Common Sense Pamphlet (Written by Thomas Paine) colonies, Coercive acts

D: Declaration of Independence

E: England/Britain

F: French, flag

G: Horatio Gates

H: Shot Heard Around the World, John Hancock

I: Intolerable Acts

J: Thomas Jefferson

K: King George III

L: Loyalists, liberty

M: Minutemen, Francis Marion

N: Neutralist, navigation acts

O: Overseas (British had to travel overseas to Colonies), Old Sturbridge Village

P: Patriots

Q: Quartering Act

R: Paul Revere

S: Stamp Act

T: Tea, Tea Act

U: United States

V: Valley Forge

W: George Washington

X: X-ing the Potomac

Y: Yankee Doodle

Z: John Peter Zenger

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Aa is for American soldiers

Bb is for British soldiers

Cc is for Connecticut

Dd is for declaration of independence

Ee is for eagle

Ff is for flag

Gg is for government

Hh is for Hancock, John

Ii is for Indians

Jj is for justice

Kk is for King George III

Ll is for Lexington

Mm is for Massacre in Boston

Nn is for native Americans

Oo is for Otis warren Mercy

Pp is for Paul Revere

Qq is for Quartering Act

Rr is for revolution

Ss is for Surrendered

Tt is for Thomas Paine

Uu is for United States

Vv is for Valley Forge

Ww is for Washington, George

Xx is for

Yy is for Yorktown battle

Zz is for

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A- Adams, Samuel

B- Boston tea party

C- Concord

D- Declaration of Independence

E- Eutaw Springs Battle

F- Ft. Ticonderoga

G- Gates, Thomas

H- Hale, Nathan- Hancock, John

I - Indians of----------

J- Jefferson, Thomas

K- King George III

L- Lexington

M- Monmouth

N- North, Fredrick

O- Otis, James

P- Princeton

Q- Quebec Invasion

R- Revere, Paul

S- Saratoga- New York

T- Trenton- New Jersey

U- U.S. Constitution

V- Valley Forge- Pennsylvania

W- West Point- New York


Y- Yorktown


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A- absolutism,

B- Boyle Robert,

C- Capitalism,

D- Declaration of independence,

E- Enlightenment age,

F- Frederick The Great,

G- Galileo,

H- Heliocentric,

I- Issac Newton,

J- Judicial,

K- Kelpers Johannes,

L- Laissez faire,

M- Mercantilism,

N- Nikolaus Copernicus,

O- Omission of errors,

P- Physiocrats,

Q- montesQuie,

R- Recant,

S- Scientists,

T- Telescope,

U- Universe,

Versailles's, Voltaire,

Wealth's of nations,

X- loans and taXes,

Y- York town,

Z- ( no idea of Z)

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Elizabeth Zane is the person that delt with the war now pay me

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Q: An important events of the revolutionary war a-z?
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