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Coolie Mother is about a Guyanese woman living in Guyana who works hard to achieve her goals. She is determined toearn enough money to send her son Harilall to school in Georgetown which was a more prestigious school. jasmattie has a sense of pride. She "live in bruk-down hut big like Bata shoe box" shows she was not rich and lived in a very small and old house. "Beat clothes, weed yard...for thiis body and that body and every blasted body" show some of the hard work she did. She worked "Till she foot-bottom crack and she hand cut-up" she worked until her hands and feet were damaged from all the harsh work. Jasmattie wasn't easy though cause "curse swarm from she mouth like red-ants" which means she bused and swore alot. What is the most amazing part is that even when Jasmattie was sick with something David never mentioned "she cough blood on the groung but MASH it in", she could have been sick with cancer but she moved on and did not let it stop her "Because Jasmattie heart hard, she mind set hard" she was a tough and determined woman. Why was she working so hard "to save one-one slow penny? "She son Harilall got to go shool on Georgetown" that is why, but not only must he got to the high class school but he "must wear clean starch pants, or they go laugh at he". She had pride she wanted to make the best out of him so he would "not turn out like he rum-sucker chamar dadee" who was a non-supportive alcoholic.

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Who is the speaker of the poem

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Q: Analysis of the poem coolie mother?
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What is the tone of the poem coolie mother by david dabydeen?


What is the sarcasm in the poem coolie mother?

The sarcasm in the poem "Coolie Mother" lies in the juxtaposition between the mother's tireless sacrifices and the indifferent, exploitative attitude of society towards her. The poem critiques the societal expectations placed on women, particularly those in marginalized communities, highlighting the irony of how their immense contributions are often overlooked or taken for granted.

Why is poverty a theme in the poem coolie mother?

"coolie mother" by David Dabydeen explores the struggles and hardships faced by indentured laborers in the sugar plantations of the Caribbean. Poverty is a central theme in the poem because it highlights the harsh living conditions, economic exploitation, and social inequality that characterized the lives of coolie women who worked in the plantations to support their families. The poem conveys the intergenerational cycle of poverty and the sacrifices made by coolie mothers to provide for their children, despite facing discrimination and marginalization.

What are the literary devices used in coolie mother by david dabydeen?

The poem employs similes, imagery, hyperbole and a proverb.

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This poem is about abortion and how the mother really feels

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What are the themes in Coolie Mother?

There are two themes in 'coolie mother,' by David Dabydeen.The two themes are poverty and misery.

What is the effectiveness of each literary device used in coolie mother?

In "Coolie Mother," the use of imagery effectively conveys the harsh working conditions and sacrifices made by the coolie mother. Symbols, such as the baby's milk-stained lips, highlight the mother's struggle to provide for her child. Repetition of the phrase "coolie mother" emphasizes the central theme of maternal sacrifice and strength.

How is Coolie Mother similar to For your Mother?

I think coolie mother is located in the poor country , it is very miserable for these moms , my mom is not so miserable and she can cook and wash clothes to us .

What are the litteral devices used in coolie mother by david dabydeen?


What is the analysis of the poem for my mother may i inherit half of her strength?

The poem "for my mother may i inherit half of her strength" reflects the speaker's admiration and desire to inherit their mother's resilience and determination. It highlights the profound influence the mother has had on the speaker and the wish to carry forward her strength. The poem celebrates maternal strength and the bond between mother and child.

Can you use the same title of a poem when you write an analysis?

Since the analysis is of the poem, you must indicate the title in the analysis.