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Q: Another term for the germanic practice of compensation was?
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What is another word for the Germanic practice of compensation?

Wergild is another term used to describe the Germanic practice of compensation for harm or wrongdoing.

Which term describes the practice of paying a sum of money as compensation for loss?


Another term for people who practice hunting and gathering is?


What are some of the pitfalls of a company basing a managers or CEOs compensation on the companys earnings?

The biggest pitfall is the temptation to fraudulently inflate earnings in order to 'earn' more compensation. Another is that it encourages managers to focus on short-term profits rather than long-term growth

What is another name for a hound?

It is a word for a kind of dog. It comes from the Germanic, and in Germanic languages it is the general term for a dog. In English, though, it refers to those breeds of dog used for hunting and tracking.

What does the term germanic mean?

The term Germanic refers to a branch of the Indo-European language family comprising languages such as German, Dutch, Swedish, and English. It also refers to the historical Germanic peoples who inhabited regions of northern Europe during ancient times.

What is a fair amount of compensation to expect from another driver's insurance company after a MVA where you were injured and may have long term pain and aggrivation?

This is why they make lawyers. There is no set answer to this question.

What is German for warrior?

The warriors in Germany were called Germanic warriors by the Romans and other tribes. The term Germanic translates as spear man.

What is the Old English and Germanic word Earth was named after?

The Old English and Germanic word for "Earth" is believed to stem from the proto-Germanic word *erþō, meaning "ground" or "soil." This word likely evolved into the modern English term "Earth."

What language does the term vandal come from?

The term "vandal" comes from the Latin word "Vandali," which was the name of a Germanic tribe that invaded the Roman Empire in the 5th century and looted and sacked many cities. This historical event led to the association of the term with destruction and damage.

Where did or does gold gets its name or who first called it gold?

"Gold" is a descendant of a Germanic term somehow related to the Latin root aur-. English is primarily a Germanic language with plenty of Latin influence.

What are you looking for in total compensation?

Its different per company/country and can be different inside of one company and the different countries that company is in. However, in the US it is typically Base Salary + Short Term Incentives (Bonus) = Total Cash Compensation. Total Cash Compensation + Long Term Incentives (Stock, etc.) = Total Direct Compensation (aka Total Compensation) Other calculations can be used to determine and factor in health benefits, retirement, and other 'compensation'. But as mentioned, these calculations will be different in different countries, but the above calculations are standard.