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The anti-revolutionary invasions were an attempt by the Western Allies to force Russia back into World War I and remove the Bolshevik government. This was to secure the Czech Legion, secure ports and ensure the anti-Bolshevik armies got supplies and to re-open the Eastern Front against Central Powers.

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it is the equivalent to the Battle of the Cowshed in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell.

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Q: Anti-revolutionary invasion of Russia
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What is an antirevolutionary?

An antirevolutionary is a person who opposes a sociopolitical revolution.

When did French invasion of Russia happen?

French invasion of Russia happened on 1812-12-14.

What was the name of the planned US invasion of Russia in the 1950s?

To my knowledge, There was never a planned invasion of Soviet Russia by the US.

What is the sentence of invasion?

Napoleon's invasion of Russia was stopped by the bad winter

How succersuf was napoleons invasion of Russia?

His invasion of Russia was disastrous. He lost 6,000,00+ men due to guerrilla tactics and the harsh Russian winter.

When did Hitler's invasion of Russia take place?

Hitlers invasion of russia took place on June 22,1941 during the second world war.

How did hitlers invasion compare with Napoleon invasion of Russia?

napoleon did not invade Russia. Yes, actually, he did. The cold Russian Winter defeated Hitler and Napoleon.

What was Napoleon's 1812 campaign?

The invasion of Russia.

What fed to napoleons downfall?

the invasion of russia !

What did russia do to west Berlin in 1948?

an invasion

Why was the Mongol Empire important to Russia?

Isolating Russia from Western Europe during the early Renaissance.

What was worse Napoleons invasion of Spain or Russia?

Both were bad, but his losses in Russia were terrible.