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submitted within 5 days

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Q: Appeal of punishment awarded at nonjudicial proceedings must be submitted in writing within how many days of proceeding?
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Under the 2005 US Supreme Court rulings on US v. Booker and US v. Fanfan what can no longer be considered under the federal sentencing guidelines?

Other than the existence of a prior conviction, ANY aggravating fact that increases the defendant's punishment above the statutory maximum under the guidelines must be submitted to a jury and proved beyond a reasonable doubt - it cannot be considered by a judge.

Which countries achieved their independence through armed revolt?

give answer man, i have the assignment to be submitted this week?

Can the president influence the content of legislation before it is submitted for his signature?

The president does indeed have the ability to influence legislation before it is submitted for his or her signature. The president can attempt to persuade members of Congress privately, and/or the president can take his or her case directly to the American people, and hope citizens with pressure their congressperson.

You've submitted a proposal for a law that reqires colonial inspectors to place grades on different qualities of harvested tobacco The law has to approved by?

If a law had been submitted that required colonial inspectors to grade qualities of harvested tobaccos, the law would have to be approved by the governor of the state the proposal was for.Ê Governors were the highest authority in the colonies.

The major problem in the 1876 presidential election centered on?

the two sets of election returns submitted by florida, south carolina ,and lousiana

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Appeals of punishment awarded at nonjudicial proceedings must be submitted in writing within how many days of the proceeding?

submitted within 5 days

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What does MTD stand for in a courtroom proceeding?

MTD stands for Motion to Dismiss. It is a formal request submitted by a party to ask the court to dismiss a case, usually citing reasons such as lack of legal merit or jurisdiction.

What is the correct spelling submitted to or submmited to?


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What has the author James Jefferson Wilson written?

James Jefferson Wilson has written: 'Mr. Wilson submitted the following resolution, which was read, and passed to a second reading ..' -- subject(s): Government publications, Publication of proceedings, United States, United States. Congress 'Mr. Wilson submitted the following resolution for consideration, which was read and passed to the second reading' -- subject(s): Government publications, United States, United States. Supreme Court

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