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One will find that criminal defense lawyers to be part of the government as the field they work in can be classified as 'Legal', they deal with the crimes, victims, and criminals guilty of crimes. Criminal defense lawyers work very closely with the government, since the government is responsible for the crimes of the country.

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Q: Are criminal defense lawyers part of the government?
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What is the Profession of a criminal justice lawyer?

The "profession" of any Lawyer is exactly that: lawyer/attorney (same thing). Lawyers in the field of criminal justice can specifically work as defense lawyers (either privately, as part of a contract, or for a Public Defender's office or association), or prosecution lawyers (district attorneys, attorneys general, department of justice attorneys/federal prosecutors, or "special prosecutors" appointed by Congress). Lawyers can also be judges, magistrates, or clerks. In the United Kingdom, criminal attorneys are called "barristers."

Why should government control defense?

The government control defense mainly because they have the means to control and give orders for defense purposes. The government's purposes is not only for the public welfare but also safety which is part of the defense purpose of the government.

What subjects are used the most by criminal law lawyers?

Criminal law is the most important. Evidence is also a key part and being able to refute it in court. Criminal procedure is what helps with the processes that must be followed.

Is the dept of defense a private or public sector?

The Department of Defense is a Cabinet-level Department in the United States government. As a part of the Government, it is public sector.

How does the structure of the government relates to the criminal justice system?

It's PART of our government - it's the judicial branch.

What does a government provide as part of a safety net for people?

a strong military defense

What branch of government is the secretary of defense in?

The secretary of defense is a cabinet position and a part of the executive branch.

Cases For A Federal Criminal Lawyer?

A federal criminal lawyer is someone who works on behalf of the federal government to bring criminals against the nation to justice. They do not work with little cases that are taken by state lawyers but with the big cases that are too large in scope to be dealt with by the states, cases that involve a crime against the entire nation, or cases that involve the federal government. These are lawyers who have excellent academic resumes and who have studied a lot to become well-versed in the most important laws that are in place to govern the entire country. The criminal lawyers are in charge of making sure that the right punishments are given out even at these high levels. One type of case that would go to a federal criminal lawyer would be if the President broke a law. This happened when Nixon knew about the Watergate affair and tried to cover it up. Since Nixon was responsible to the federal government, a part of the Executive Branch, federal criminal lawyers were the ones involved in the case -- though, of course, all Nixon had to do was resign, so this is slightly different than most cases. Still, these high-caliber cases that involve politicians are the ones that federal criminal lawyers always take. Another case that a federal criminal lawyer would be responsible for would be if someone was caught trying to kill the President. Since this is a crime against the head of the federal government, that person would be tried in a court that was being run by these type of lawyers. They know all of the laws that relate to special situations like this -- state lawyers would never have to deal with something so big and important, so they may not even know what kinds of laws come into play. A third example of a case for a federal criminal lawyer would be if a member of the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, was working with an enemy nation. The CIA agent could be stealing secrets and selling them or informing the other government about what the rest of the CIA was doing. This crime is against the federal government and the entire country. When the CIA agent went to court for the crime, he or she would be going up against the federal government. In this way, the government acts in federal court as a victim acts in state court.

Do lawyers have standing in the legislative branch since they form the judicial branch or is this a violation of the separation of power in government?

Lawyers are often neither a part of each branch, so there is no violation of separation of powers.

The philosophy that a person may defend another to the degree that he would defend himself is called?

The term is "defense of others" (as opposed to "self-defense"). For example, see, which includes part of the State of Connecticut's criminal jury instructions.

Who maintain armed forces state or national government?

The armed forces of the U.S. are in the Defense Department, which is part of the executive branch of the federal (national) government.

Who is in charge of the department of defence?

The United States Department of Defense is part of the executive branch of the United States government. The head of the Department of Defense is the Secretary of Defense, who is a member of the President's cabinet. Other countries have their own equivalents, which are usually presided over by a Minister of Defense.