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Primary sources are usually accurate considering they were written by someone at who witnessed a historical event personally, however some may be inaccurate due to human error.

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Q: Are primary sources always correct
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What is the correct name for a historian's 'clues'?

The correct name for a historian's 'clue' is sources.

Why can a secondary source more helpful than a primary source?

They summarize conclusions about primary sources.

Are carnivores primary sources?

no carnivores are not primary sources

What are the 3 classification of sources of information?

The three classifications of sources of information are primary sources, secondary sources, and tertiary sources. Primary sources offer firsthand accounts or original data, secondary sources analyze and interpret primary sources, and tertiary sources provide summaries and overviews of information from primary and secondary sources.

Which of the following is true about primary sources primary sources can be difficult to read primary resources may require interpretation primary sources may need to be put into plain English first?

Primary sources may require interpretation!

What are the 2 classifications of historical sources?

The two classifications of historical sources are primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are original, first-hand accounts of an event or topic, while secondary sources are interpretations or analyses of primary sources created by someone not directly involved in the event.

What kind of documents are the t.v ads?

Primary Sources

Why are killer whales always trying to eat dolphins?

because it's one of there primary sources of a food supply

Types of sources of information?

Types of sources of information include primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary sources are from the original source. Secondary are a commentary using primary sources. Tertiary sources are largely expert opinion.

Advantages and disadvantages of primary and secondary sources of information?

Primary sources of information are great because they are first hand information from someone who was there. Secondary sources are based on primary sources, and may be biased.

What are the classification of historical sources?

Primary sources and secondary sources

What is an inherent problem in using secondary sources of data is?

An inherent problem in using secondary sources of data is that the data may have been skewed or manipulated a bit. Primary sources of data are always more reliable than secondary sources.