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Yes they are born neutral listeners!!!!

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Q: Are some people natural born listeners?
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Why some people have problems in the brain?

It is just natural. They are probably born like that.

Why are some basketball players very tall?

It's natural. Some people are born like that and some are born really short. There is no reason to that, it's naturally caused.

How can someone become a singer or does it have to be a natural born talent?

Some people are born with natural talent, but there are ways to train your voice to get better. Try looking up some vocal exercises. I once used this link.

Why can't some people sing?

Some people are born with the natural talent to sing. Others aren't. Some people can't sing because they are either inexperienced or they are tone deaf.

Do You Relaxed What if your Natural Hair?

Some people do & some people don't. You can relax your hair if it is natural, or you can leave it natural.

Are humans better listeners than animals?

Some are and some are not.

How do you perform?

To perform, first one must have a talent, or hobby of some sort. Some people are natural born performers, while others it takes practice.

What is insulated listening?

INSULATED LISTENING: A style in which the reciever ignores undesirable information.Insulated listeners, unlike selective listeners, have list topics they want to avoid.All of us are insulated listeners to some extent.Some of us tune out when we hear political debate…Some of us tune out when we hear religious discussion…Some of us tune out anything to do w/ business…Selective listeners are poor communicators because they only want to talk about certain things…Insulated listeners are poor communicators because they never want to discuss certain things.

CaN owl's hear?

Yes. Yes they can. Some of the best listeners in the world.

Why do you jump when youget a shock?

It's a natural reflex. Some people are born without these, and they have to be taught to react to certain things. For example, if you put your hands on a hot burner, your natural reaction is to take them off.

What are some natural enemies of plants?

people, bugs

Is basketball something that your born with?

Although it would be nice to be born with natural talent, basketball skills are something you can develop with a lot of hardwork. Normally, people work at basketball really hard to get to be where they are in it. In some cases though, yes, people are born with natural talent and know how to nuture it so it grows into something amazing. Though, it's much tougher to not be born with it, you can be just as successful, all you have to do is work hard.