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most definitely they are. democrats and republicans alike are attacking your civil liberties daily. take your secong amendment, Barack himself and i quote said" i may not be able to take their guns but we can limit them to what they may purchase and we can tax ammo till it is a hundred dollars a bullet

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Q: Are the civil liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights under attack by the Federal Government?
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What are the liberties and rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights called?

The rights found in the Bill of Rights protect the natural rights of the people, including the right of life, liberty, and property. They are limitations against the power of the federal government when dealing with the natural rights of the people.

What refers to rights that are guaranteed by the law while what generally refers to affirmative action taken by the government to protect the rights of a specific population?

Civil liberties, civil rights

Why did the role of Federal government in civil rights enforcement change?

The role of the federal government in civil rights enforcement changed because African Americans got their rights guaranteed by law.

Civil liberties are guaranteed by which part of the Constitution?

Bill of Rights

Describe provisions in The Constitution that prevent misuse or abuse of government power?

the branches of government, voting, checks and balances, impeachment

Which of the following is a state of rights guaranteed by the federal government?

B. protection for the state citizens

What are the liberties of the bill of rights?

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

What guaranteed basic liberties and indicated some swing away from federalist centralizing?

The Bill of Rights guaranteed basic liberties, such as freedom of speech. The passage of the Bill of Rights signaled a swing away from federalist centralizing.

Select the best definition of civil liberties.?

Civil liberties are basic rights and freedoms that are guaranteed to individuals by law, protecting them from government infringement and ensuring their participation in society without fear of oppression or discrimination.

What did the Bill of rights achieve?

it guaranteed individuals certain rights

How does the bill of rights protect individuals'civil liberties?

it limits the power of the federal government to control people's lives. (apex Unti 4 (4.1.2) Quiz)

Why was The bill of rights was added to the US Constitution to?

The US Bill of Rights was created to protect U.S. citizen's individual liberties.