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All US States and protectorates (like Puerto Rico or Wash DC), are subject, or servient, to the Federal government. That is the idea of being a union of States. However, not all matters are controlled,or allowed to be determined, by the Federal government. Some things, and the list is very large, are determined by each of the States. There are State rights.

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Q: Are there any states which are not subject to the country's government?
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Why does Australia not contain any countrys?

Australia is a federation of what we call states. each of these is like a country n its own right with its own constitution and sovereignty. so the states of Australia are its country's when a decision is made in the Federal government the states interests are represented by the senators in the senate.

What states what the subject of a sentence does is or has in a sentence?

The predicate in a sentence states what the subject does or has. It includes the verb and any objects or complements related to the action of the subject.

Why were the 13states feared any kind of national what?

The 13 states feared a national government that would control the states. The states wanted the government to have limited power, and to have checks and balances.

Which aspects of government are controlled by the states?

There are hardly any aspects of government are that controlled by the states directly. There are certain functions that are delegated to the states through the federal government like healthcare, education, employment and development among others.

What divides powers between national government and state government?

The U.S. Constitution specifies what the national government is allowed to do, and it states that any powers not granted to the national government therein are reserved to the states or the people.

What is the government of the new England states like?

Just like any other state or provincial government

What did the Constitution reserve for the states?

The United States Constitution spells out a number of powers that belong to the Federal government. It also specifies that any powers not given to the Federal government are reserved for the states.

When will the government have a budget deficits?

The United States federal government has had a budget deficit since World War 1. Historically, any war that the United States is involved in leaves a big deficit.

What branch of government did the anti federalist want to have the most power?

If by "government" you mean "federal government" then they wanted the Congress to have the most power because it gave more power to states through direct representation. If by "government" you mean "any government in the United States", then they wanted the states to have more power, similarly to the Articles of Confederation, the States' rights movements of the 1800s, and later the Confederate States of America

Which people in the United States have rebelled against any form of government?

The anarchist.

What is the United States debt ceiling?

The United States debt ceiling is a debate about government spending and debt. It discusses putting limits on the amount of debt the government can be in at any time and how much money the government can spend.

What level of government takes care of the churchs?

In fact, no branch of any government takes care of the churches in the United States. Throughout history, the Church has taken over certain responsibilities of the state, but no part government in the United States has ever taken care of or funded any church.