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No. Although it seems like a good idea to have the government owning the army police and the courts as well as the mechanism that oversees the administration of justice and the peoples welfare. However most services that need to be carried out are better done through private tender,

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Q: Are there any types of industry that must be owned by the government?
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How do you change a ballast?

There are many types of ballasts in the electrical industry. To get an answe, the type of ballast must be stated.

When defense dollars become scarce industry must be prepared for what changes in contract types?

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What does words regulated industry mean?

A regulated industry is some manufacturing or construction related activity that is subject to some substantial degree of government regulation. The government determines how certain things must be done, generally in the interests of public safety.

What are the effects of the factors of production on the production of goods on the primary secondary and tertiary industries?

Primary Industries: A large capital is generally required and therefore the industries may be owned by the Government. If natural resources are part of the industry, the Government must be careful not to deplete it. Labour will range from unskilled to skilled. If privately owned the entrepreneur stands to make big profits. Secondary Industries: A large capital is generally required. These are generally large corporations. If natural resources are part of the industry, care must be taken not to deplete it. labour will range from unskilled to skilled. If privately owned the entrepreneur stands to make big profits. Tertiary Industries: These are the service industries that support the primary and secondary industries. These generally exclude natural resources. The labour is semi-skilled upwards and depends on income.

What types of government research jobs are available?

Types of government research jobs that are available are IRS jobs, post office jobs, Federal Employment jobs, and FBI jobs. You must adhere to their rules and regulations.

Does Vatican City import?

The Vatican has no industry nor does it have any agriculture. Everything needed by the residents and government must be imported or purchased in Rome.

How do you buy land in Cuba?

You must be a Cuban Citizen. Also, buying land from Cuba is very difficult, even as a Cuban. Everything is mainly owned by the Government.

Which industry is the most heavily subsidized in the country?

In the United States, the industry most heavily subsidized is farming. In order to address the needs of the people, the government must pay farmers to produce food, because it not lucrative.

Do government auditors have to be independent?

The auditor and his/her firm must be free, in both fact and appearance, from all types of impairments of independence

What types of accidents should be invesetigated in the army?

All accidents, whether in the Armed Forces, or in Industry), must be investigated under 'Health and Safety' UK regulations.

How do you find a property owner in Canada?

Property may be owned in Canada by the people, by government, businesses and native groups. In order to find who owns the property in Canada, one must first find out if it is personally or corporately owned.

Does the Rothschild family partially own the Reserve Bank of Australia?

No. The Reserve Bank is wholly owned by and accountable to the government of Australia. See the related link below.