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yes there are

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Q: Are there any typos in the original declaration of independence?
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What document includes the phrases you hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal?

The Declaration of Independence.

Did any woman sign or pen the Declaration of Independence?

No, all the signatories of the declaration of independence were men.

Was there any documents before the Declaration of Independence?

doesnt matter cause the declaration of independence established the first government

Is the any writing on the back of the Declaration of Independence?

Yes. It is only the notation: "Original Declaration of Independence / dated 4th July 1776." The Constitution was a rolled up document, therefore it is believed to be just an indexing label. Sorry, there are no maps or secret messages on the back.

What was the Christian significance of declaration of independence?

There wasn't any.

Are any specific events mentioned in the declaration of independence?


Did any blacks singed the declaration of independence?

Prince Hall

Does the Declaration of Independence govern like the founding fathers would have wanted in the present day?

The Declaration of Independence did not establish any form of government. You are thinking of the Constitution.

Were any of the signers of the Declaration of Independence captured or arrested by the British for signing it?


Which document was the first to formally express the idea that the people have a right to abolish an abusive and unresponsive government?

Declaration of Independence

What can you do if your government is not guaranteeing yourights stated in the Declaration of Independence?

America's "Declaration of Independence" does not guarantee or even bestow any rights. It explains, after the fact, why the people of the American colonies had broken their ties with England.

What is the similarities between te wealth of nations and the declaration of independence?

there isnt any differences