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If you are referring to the Spanish mission in what is today Ventura, California, it is a historical landmark that goes back to 1782. Many tourists come to see it and they do consider it unique.

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Q: Are there any unique qualities about san buenaventura?
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What does San Buenaventura mean?

WHAT does San Buenaventura mean

What tribe lived in the san buenaventura?

The Chumash lived on San Buenaventura

When did san buenaventura construction end?

when did San Buenaventura fire construction end

San Buenaventura interesting facts?

San Buenaventura was burnt down in 1794

What buildings are on san buenaventura?

San Buenaventura is a mission and not a street. It's located in Ventura, California.

When did Alonso de San Buenaventura die?

Alonso de San Buenaventura died in 1594.

Who was named after San Buenaventura Mission?

Mission San Buenaventura was named after St.Bonaventure

How the mission san buenaventura used for?

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When was Mission San Buenaventura built?

what year was san buenaventura built

Were there orchards at san buenaventura?

There Was None

Where is the San Buenaventura Conservancy in Camarillo California located?

The address of the San Buenaventura Conservancy is: Po Box 23263, Camarillo, CA 93012

What did San buenaventura grow there?

vegtables and fruit