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Yes there are. Anna Escobedo Cabral is one. Annuit coeptis is one meaning the great seal. Novos ordo secrom is one meaning new order of the ages. E pluribus unum is one meaning one out of many,one.

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theres an owl in the right hand corner on the top its very very small but very weird research and found out how weird it really is !

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Q: Are there hidden symbols on the dollar bill?
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What do these symbols mean MOCCXXVI on a dollar bill?

The symbols MOCCXXVI on a dollar bill likely represent the roman numerals for 1126. However, they do not hold any special significance or value on a dollar bill.

What does the symbols on the back of the one dollar bill mean?


Where are the hidden numbers on back of the 5 dollar bill?


Steps on how to draw a dollar bill?

To draw a dollar bill, first draw a rectangle. Next, fill in the details on the bill, including the pictures, symbols, and numbers.

What is hidden on the five dollar bill?

On the sides of the bill in the curly cues there is the word FIVE in each of them

Is ther a hidden man in the 5 Canadian dollar bill?


What does the scale symbol represent on the one dollar bill in American money?

The one dollar bill in American currency is filled with symbols. The scales on the dollar represent the scales of justice.

What twenty six things are hidden on the back of a 5 dollar bill?

26 state names

What do the symbols on the back of a US two-dollar bill mean?

The US $2 bill has a painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on its back.

What two symbols are on the back of the dollar bill?

Those symbols are the obverse and reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. The eagle is the obverse and the pyramid is the reverse.

What are some of the Freemason symbols on a one dollar bill?

The pyramid and "all seeing eye" are defiantly two.

What is hidden on the back of a US 5 bill?

The reverse of the five-dollar bill has two rectangular strips that are blanked out when viewed in the infrared spectrum.