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more white people

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Q: Are there more black or white people in Louisiana?
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America represents white people but wer're mostly black and white people white people don't tell us what to do we could don what ever whiten people don't tell us what to do now black people tell white people what to do no more white people tell us what to do it's our turn stupid white people.....................GO BLACK DID U NOW BLACK IS MY FVORITE COLOR..........................................

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A Public places had separate facilities for black people and white people B Black schools had the same resources as white schools C More black citizens in the South voted in elections D More black politicians from the south were elected federal office

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The present Louisiana constitution follows the federal constitution more closely than any of earlier states constitution

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alot of people would argue and say that it was the Louisiana Purchase, but it was actually the Mexican Cession. Addition: This is the problem when people randomly answer questions. The Mexican Cession was just over half a million square millions. The Louisiana Purchase was over 800,000 square miles. Maybe the original person who wrote this was thinking square km since the Mexican Cession is larger if one places it in KM and the Louisiana Purchase in square miles. However, if you convert one, you have to convert the other and that means the latter would still be larger.