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50-50 I think but when Chinese people cannot beat us they usually cheat at any price. Not the same to Viet people trust me!

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Q: Are vietnamese smarter than Chinese
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Are Vietnamese people Chinese?

No, the languages between Vietnamese and Chinese are much different. Including the looks, the countries and the citizens are much different. Do not believe those people who thinks that Vietnamese people are Chinese. Vietnamese people are not Chinese. Vietnamese people are just Vietnamese people and Chinese people are just Chinese people.

Why is it said that the Chinese were inventive rather than a practical people?

because they were smarter

Why Chinese hate Vietnamese?

no i got a chinese friend at school his chinese he dont hate me.i dont think chinese people hate vietnamese because chinese put vietnamese in movies too like sometimes

In what area did the Chinese influence the Vietnamese?

The Chinese had a significant influence on Vietnamese culture, language, and governance. They introduced Confucianism, Buddhism, and the Chinese writing system, which greatly influenced Vietnamese society. Chinese administration systems also influenced Vietnamese governance and bureaucracy. Additionally, Chinese influence can be seen in Vietnamese architecture, art, and cuisine.

Is Vietnamese a Chinese language?

No, Vietnamese is not a Chinese language. While Vietnamese has been influenced by Chinese culture and language, it belongs to the Austroasiatic language family and uses the Latin alphabet for writing.

Is Stevie Hoang vietnamese or Chinese?

Hoang: "Obviously, growing up in the UK I feel British, but my heritage is Chinese and I've always got that inside me. My surname is Vietnamese - Hoang means yellow in Vietnamese. If it was Chinese it would be Wong." He's Chinese.

Why were the Chinese so discriminated a immigrants?

There is so much prejudice against the Chinese in America because many Americans think that the Chinese think that they are smarter than them. They are intimidated and uneducated about the Chinese culture.

Who is smarter a Korean or Chinese?


Does Vietnamese people know sino-Vietnamese vocabulary?

Sino-Vietnamese vocabulary is a part of the Vietnamese language. So, yes. Vietnamese know a lot of 'Sino-Vietnamese' as 50-60% of Vietnamese consists of words of Chinese origin or Sino-Vietnamese. For example, the word 'at' is Tai in Vietnamese (from 在 'Zai' in Chinese), to come in Vietnamese is 'Lai' (same as in Chinese 来 'Lai'), country is Quoc in Vietnamese (from 國 Gwok in Cantonese), and the list could co on for hundreds and thousands of pages. Without Sino-Vietnamese vocabulary, Vietnamese wouldn't be a language - it would merely be a skeleton with flesh.

Do all Vietnamese people were Chinese?

Yes because they are from the ancestors of Chinese people

Is Linh a Vietnamese name or a Chinese name?

Linh is a Vietnamese name. It is a common unisex name in Vietnam and can have different meanings depending on the characters used to write it.

In what areas did the Chinese influence the Vietnamese?

The Chinese had a significant influence on various aspects of Vietnamese society, including language, culture, governance, and religion. The Vietnamese language is heavily influenced by Chinese, incorporating many loanwords and adopting Chinese characters for writing. Chinese cultural practices, such as Confucianism and Buddhism, were introduced and became influential in Vietnam. Chinese administrative systems and political ideas, such as the concept of the Mandate of Heaven, also had an impact on Vietnamese governance.