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cotton farmers and fur traders

Right Answer for Plato : Open-range cattle ranchers and farmers

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*cough* b *cough*

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Q: As the Western lands were being settled a dispute occurred between?
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When the western lands were being settled a dispute happened between who?

the Mexicans and french

Which major event settles the boundary dispute between Mexico and the US?

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo settled the boundary dispute between the United States and Mexico.

Who was involved in the Aroostoook War?

There was no actual confrontation between Maine and the Canadians and Winfield Scott settled the fuss which settled the border dispute.

Was there a judge in the middle ages?

lords was the judge and jury whenever a dispute needed to be settled. He was also the judge and jury for dispute between his various vassals.

How did the US and Great Britain settle their disputes over western territory?

The US and Great Britain settled their dispute over the western territory by signing the Oregon Treaty in 1846. This treaty sealed the deal on a compromise on the boundaries between British and American land.

Why was the tripartite convention an important gain for the U.S. imperialist?

The United States gained islands in the Eastern Samoan Islands. This settled a dispute between Germany and the United States.

What was the name of the compromise that settled the dispute between big and small states over representation in Congress?

The constitutional convention

Is the Guyana Venezuela border dispute settled?


How is a dispute settled in efe society?

They would have campfires where they talked peacefully and settled disputes

What dispute was settled by the algeciras conference in 1906?

It settled the dispute that Gemany and France were having in 1906 over France's attempts to gain control over Morocco.

How do you write a sentence for dispute?

To write a sentence about a dispute, describe the nature of the disagreement between two or more parties and the issues at stake. For example: "The dispute between the neighbors started over the property line and escalated into a legal battle over ownership."

How is a dispute settled in society?

They would have campfires where they talked peacefully and settled disputes