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On bombed villages

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bombed villages

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Who succeeded Dennis Hastert as Speaker of the House?

Denise Hastert

Who is Connecticuts state treasurer?

Connecticut State Treasurer From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Connecticut State Treasurer serves the office of treasurer for the state of Connecticut.List of State Treasurers#NameTook officeLeft officeParty1Thomas Welles163916412William Whiting164116483Thomas Welles164816524John Talcott, Sr.165216605John Talcott, Jr.166016766William Pitkin167616797Joseph Whiting167917188John Whiting171817509Nathaniel Stanly1750175610Joseph Talcott1756176911John Lawrence1769178912Jedediah Huntington1789179013Peter Colt1790179414Andrew Kingsbury1794181815Isaac Spencer1818183516Jeremiah Brown1835183817Hiram Ryder1838184218Jabez L. White, Jr.1842184419Joseph B. Gilbert1844184620Alonzo W. Birge1846184721Joseph B. Gilbert1847184922Henry D. Smith1849185123Thomas Clark1851185224Edwin Stearns1852185425Daniel Camp1854185526Arthur B. Calef1855185627Frederick P. Coe1856185728Frederick S. Wildman1857185829Lucius J. Hendee1858186130Ezra Dean1861186231Gabriel W. Coite1862186632Henry G. Taintor1866186733Edward S. Moseley1867186934David P. Nichols1869187035Charles M. Pond1870187136David P. Nichols1871187337William E. Raymond1873187738Edwin A. Buck1877187939Talmadge Baker1879188140David P. Nichols1881January 2, 1882Republican41James D. Smith18821883Republican42Alfred R. Goodrich18831885Democrat43V. B. Chamberlain18851887Republican44Alexander Warner18871889Republican44E. Stevens Henry18891893Republican45Marvin H. Sanger18931895Democrat46George W. Hodge18951897Republican47Charles W. Grosvenor18971899Republican48Charles S. Mersick18991901Republican49Henry H. Gallup19011905Republican50James F. Walsh19051907Republican51Freeman F. Patten19071911Republican52Costello Lippitt19111913Republican53Edward S. Roberts19131915Democrat54F. S. Chamberlain19151919Republican55G. Harold Gilpatric19191924Republican62Anson T. McCook19241924Republican63Ernest E. Rogers19251929Republican64Samuel R. Spencer19291931Republican65Roy C. Wilcox19311933Republican66J. William Hope19331935Republican67John S. Addis1935September 29, 1937Democrat68Thomas Hewes19371937Democrat69Guy B. Holt19371939Democrat70Joseph E. Talbot19391941Republican71Frank M. Anastasio19411943Democrat72Carl M. Sharpe19431945Republican73William T. Carroll19451947Democrat74Joseph A. Adorno19471955Republican73John Ottaviano, Jr.19551959Republican72John A. Speziale19591961Democrat71Donald J. Irwin19611963Democrat72Gerald A. Lamb19631970Democrat73John A. Iorio19701971Democrat74Robert I. Berdon19711973Republican75Alden A. Ives19731975Republican76Henry E. Parker19751986Democrat77Joan R. Kemler19861987Democrat78Francisco L. Borges19871993Democrat79Joseph M. Suggs, Jr.19931995Democrat80Christopher B. Burnham19951997Republican81Paul J. Silvester19971999Republican82Denise L. NappierJanuary 6, 1999PresentDemocrat External linksOffice of State Treasurer Denise L. NappierTREASURERSConnecticut: State Treasurers

What were each colonies views on independence?

Each colonial legislature had sent delegates to the 2nd Continental Congress to debate independence with specific views. All the colonies, except New York, gave their delegates a specific view on independence whether it be for independence or against it. Here is a list of all 13 colonies and their views and how many delegates each state sent:New Hampshire: In favor of independence. Actually, New Hampshire was the first colony to declare independence from Great Britain in January 1776. 3 delegates, all of which voted for independence.Massachusetts: In favor on independence. The numerous acts of parliament that punished Massachusetts made the state the champion in rallying support for the cause. 5 delegates, all of which voted for independence.Rhode Island: In favor of independence. Rhode Island renounced its allegiance to the crown on May 4, 1776. 2 delegates, all of which voted for independence.Connecticut: In favor of independence. Although, they never declared their separation from the crown until the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, they sympathized with their neighboring states in New England. 4 delegates, all of which voted for independence.New York: Abstained prior to July 2nd. The New York Legislature was so divided that they never gave specific instructions to their delegates on voting. The delegates acted on their own behalf and voted for independence on July 2nd. 4 delegates, all of which voted for independence.New Jersey: In favor of independence. Their governor, William Franklin was arrested on January 8, 1776 for supporting the crown and their delegates were major supporters of independence from Great Britain. 5 delegates, all of which voted for independence.Pennsylvania: Opposed to independence. The people of Pennsylvania were divided on the issue, but 5 out of the 7 delegates were opposed to independence. When the vote came on July 2nd, John Dickinson and Robert Morris, who were the most vocal opponents of independence played hooky and never voted. That resulted in 2 delegates voting 'nea' and 2 voting 'yea'. The swing vote was John Morton, who initially neutral, voted 'yea' allowing an unanimous vote in favor of independence among the 13 colonies. 7 delegates, 3 yea, 2 nea, 2 abstainingDelaware: In favor of independence. 2 out of the three delegates were supporters and one opposed but all three signed the Declaration. Actually one of the delegates, Caesar Rodney, rode a midnight ride to Philadelphia in order to give a majority ruling in favor of independence. 3 delegates, 2 yea, 1 neaMaryland: Initially opposed, but later favored. Maryland's government was initially opposed to independence, but a revolution in 1776 changed all that and the delegates in Philadelphia received new instructions that they vote in favor of independence. 4 delegates, all of which voted for independence.Virginia: In favor of independence. Virginia was the state that gave the proposal for independence of June 7, 1776 by Richard Henry Lee that later was adopted. Thomas Jefferson also crafted the Declaration of Independence was a major proponent of independence. 7 delegates, all of which voted for independence.North Carolina: In favor to independence. Although the people were divided, the Legislature of North Carolina was the first to instruct its delegates to vote for independence on April 12, 1776. 3 delegates, all of which voted for independence.South Carolina: In favor of independence. Like North Carolina, South Carolina residents were divided over independence. However, on March 15, 1776 the state declared independence from Great Britain and sent instructions to its delegates telling them to vote for independence. 4 delegates, all of which voted for independence.Georgia: In favor of independence. The people of Georgia were largely opposed to independence. But the government of Georgia told their delegates to vote for independence anyway. 3 delegates, all of which voted for independence.There you have it, as you can see the states and their delegates didn't always agree so it resulted in different outcomes than what was expected. For more information about the signers of the Declaration I recommend the book Signing Their Lives Away by Denise Kiernan & Joseph D'Agnese. Hoped this helped.

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What does the narrator decide to photograph with her burning eyes in Denise levertovs poem in thai binh peace province?

A peaceful village scene.

What does the narrator decide to try to bring home with her In Denise Levertov's poem In Thai Binh (peace) Province?

The narrator decides to bring home an image of peace in Denise Levertov's poem "In Thai Binh (Peace) Province". The narrator wants to internalize and carry the sense of tranquility and calmness experienced in Thai Binh Province with her.

What does the narrator decide "to photograph within me" in Denise Levertov's poem "In Thai Binh (Peace) Province"?

Peaceful images of village life

What did the narrator try to bring home in the poem In Thai binh peace province by Denise levertov?

The narrator tried to bring home the memory and peace experienced in the Vietnamese countryside during the war in the poem "In Thai Binh (Peace) Province" by Denise Levertov. The poem reflects on the beauty and tranquility found in a war-torn land, emphasizing the impact of war on the human spirit.

What does the narrator decide to photograph with her burning eyes inDenise levertov's poem in Thai binh peace province?

The narrator in Denise Levertov's poem "In Thai Binh Peace Province" decides to photograph the landscape, the children, and the faces of the people with her "burning eyes," capturing the beauty and humanity of the world around her despite the violence and destruction of war.

On what has the narrator used all her film in Denise Levertov's In Thai Binh (Peace) Province?

The narrator has used all her film on capturing vivid details of the rural landscape and daily life in Thai Binh Province, such as "lush paddies, water buffalo, long-backed villages." She seeks to preserve these fleeting moments through her photography.

What are the themes in Denise Levertov's In Thai Binh Province?

It is difficult to focus on beauty in the midst of destruction

What is most likely one of the themes of Denise levertov's in thai binh(peace) province?

One of the themes in Denise Levertov's poem "In Thai Binh (Peace) Province" is the devastating impact of war on both the physical landscape and the human spirit. The poem underscores the destructive nature of conflict and the longing for peace and reconciliation.

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