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A bill is most closely examined by the Committee stage.

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Q: At what point is a Bill most closely examined by congress?
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When is a bill acted on by the full membership of congress?

The full membership of the United States Congress considers a bill after it has been examined by a member or committee of Congress. Members of Congress present bills they support to the entire Congress for discussion and approval.

How is the federal budget determined?

The federal budget is determined after all the agencies submit their requests to the Congress. At that point the Congress submits the budget as a bill and attempts to pass it.

The president can veto any proposed bill?

No. The President can only veto a bill after it has passed both houses of congress. He can not touch it until it reaches that point. At that point he either signs it or vetoes it. If a senator or representative proposes a bill, the president has nothing to do with it.

How do you get a bill authenticated that has two images on it?

If you're unsure about a bill's authenticity, take it to a bank to have it examined.

Can introduce a bill into Congress?

A Member of Congress

Who may purpose a bill in congress?


What is a bill called when a president holds it for to long?

When a US Predident receives a bill, he does have the option of doing nothing. In this case, two things can happen. If Congress is in session at any point within a period of 10 business days after the President receives the bill, it automatically becomes law. If Congress does not convene within 10 days, the bill dies and Congress cannot override it. This is known as a pocket veto.

Who must first introduce a bill for it to be considered by congress?

A bill must be introduced in the congress by the members of the congress.

Who can recommend the passage of a bill?

When a bill is introduced, it is referred to a committee so it can be examined in detail and discussed. The committee can then choose to recommend passage of the bill or they can discourage members from voting for the bill.

Can the White House propose a bill to congress?

The White House can only suggest that the Congress consider a bill to become a law. However, only a member of Congress is allowed to propose the bill directly to Congress.

How did congress appease the antifederalist?

By making the Bill of Rights.

Who cannot sponsor a bill in Congress?

The President can't sponsor a bill in Congress.