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money and power

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Q: B What are the basic values of American Elites?
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If the difference between A and B what are the values of A and B?


Java program to swap values of 2 variables?

a=a+b; b=a-b; a=a-b;

What is the LCM of A B and C?

That depends on the values of A, B and C.

Where would you find a calculator that calculates letter values as in A equals 1 and B equals 2?

Most programming languages have the option of assigning numeric values to variables - the name of the variable can have a single letter, or several. However, only a few programming languages allow you to do this interactively (i.e. without writing a complete program, and running it). You can do this interactively with many versions of basic, and with Python. Probably a few others, too. Python is freeware; so are some versions of Basic. Example in basic: a = 5 b = 10 ? a + b (This latter will show you the sum of the two variables, in this case, 15.) Similar in Python.

3 The label on a bottle indicates that the substance inside has a pH of 13 This tells you that the substance is A neutral B strongly acidic C mildly basic D strongly basic?

The substance with a pH of 13 is strongly basic. Substances with pH values greater than 7 are considered basic, and the higher the pH value, the stronger the basic nature of the substance.

The ideas things or events people feel are important are called a. conflicts b. values c. attitudes d.relationships?

b. values

What are the numbers in this number pattern a b 0 8?

The pattern depends on the values of a and b. These could depend what base they are in or on their variable values.

What is the basic qualification to do B ED?

B tech.........

What is the answer to 9 a r b?

You'd have to know the values of a r and b

Give all the programs written in java regarding swapping of values?

// Swapping values of a and b int a = 1; int b = 50; int temp = a; // temp = 1 a = b; // a = 50 b = temp; // b = 1

What B plus b plus b is simplified to?

It is: B+2b when simplified assuming B and b have different values

What are the values of a and b given that y plus 4x equals 11 is the perpendicular bisector equation of the line joining a 2 to 6 b?

Their values work out as: a = -2 and b = 4