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The British tricked the South Africans into coming out of hiding by kidnapping their wives and kids and putting them in concentration camps. The empire let people urinate and do other stuff in its water supply

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the British would hunt the native people in the places that they collated

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positive- gaining power and glory

- spreading Christianity

- gaining economic resources ( trade )

negative - slave trade

- the opium wars

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Slavery, genocide, impoverishment, etc

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Q: Bad points of the british empire?
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Were there any bad points about the British Empire?

In the countries that they colonised they hunted and killed some of the aboriginal people for sport.

Why was Henry III a bad king?

Which Henry III - of France, England or the Holy Roman Empire. Each one had good points and bad points. None could be considered bad.

Was British Empire good or bad?

The British empire got Briton a lot of land and without it we would have most probley lost WW1

What are bad points of the gupta empire?

They had a lose government and where defeated by the White Huns

What were the bad effects of the British empire?

The British took peoples friends and families away from them and took money away from people

Was the british empire in India good or bad?

no they were quite mean until Gandhi came!

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What was India's reaction to the treaty of Versailles?

Britain represented the entire British Empire at Versailles.

What are the bad points for Raffles to set up a british trading port in Singapore long ago?


What were the attitudes towards the british empire?

in the 1880's people didnt know that being racially discriminating was bad and they thought that the british empire was a great idea because of trades and so on....

Who is queen of the British Empire?

The British Empire does not exist anymore.

Where did the british empire control an entire continent?

north America The British Empire controlled an entire continent in Australia. The British Empire was the largest empire in history.