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the basic principle of democracy allows u 2 go around and bang whoever u want! even if they happen 2 b 12 yr olds and ur 40(pedophiles this is 4 u)

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common good

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Q: Basic principle of democracy
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What is one basic principle of democracy?

C Reconizing the need for compromise on political issues

What is the basic principle of the US Government?

The basic principle in the U.S. government is democracy. The founding fathers and the framers of the Constitution wanted to make sure the people had control.

What is A basic principle of our system of government which maintains that all power is derived from the people is known as?

The representative democracy

What basic Principle of traditional democracy theory is violated when the wealthy have influence far exceeding expected?

Effective participation

What type of ideologies influence Indonesia?

basic ideology of Indonesian is Pancasila, which is consist of five basic principle of the country, first. Beliefs in God, Humanity, Integration, Democracy, Social justice.

Which basic principle of democracy would be used to justify taxing money from the wealthy and redistributing it among the poor?

This is the principle of socialism or marxism. It is not a democratic principle per se, even though many democracies have this behavior written in their tax codes.

What basic principle of American democracy does this excerpt from the Constitution BEST illustrate?

I am sorry but this question can't be answered because we don't know the excerpt you were given.

What principle is associated with you the people?


What is the opposite word of democracy?

Autocracy (in principle)

What is the basic principle of radar communication system?

Doppler effect is the basic principle for the radar.

Explain basic principle of analog clamp meter?

basic principle of analogue clamp meter

What are the major principle of democracy in Ethiopia?

jafer yakesi