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The battle that won over the French government and made them decide to militarially and financially support the Americans was the American victory at Saratoga

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Q: Battle in New York that help bring french support to the Americans?
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What did the French and the Vietmesse hope to achiece from the Battle of Dien Bien Phu?

In the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, the French believed they would have aerial support, and that their superior artillery would bring them success. However, the Viet Minh army surrounded the French with heavy artillery. After fifty-seven days, the French were defeated, bring the colony of French Indochina to an end.

When did the battle of saratoga mark the turning point in the war?

When it happened.... But it did however bring the french to support the colonists because they showed they could win.

How many troops did the french bring to the battle of dien bien phu?

The French brough 10,800 troops .

How many troops did the French bring into this battle at Dien Bien Phu?


What effect did the battle of saratoga have on the Americans?

The battle of Saratoga gave the Patriots foreign help.

What was the battle in new york that helped bring french support to the A mericans called?

the battle of Yorktown =] The correct answer for this question is Saratoga. The battles fought at Saratoga , New York, on September 19 and October 17, 1777 convinced the Ferench to join forces with the United States against the British.

How did france interact with the native americans?

The French settlers traded furs with the Indians.

How did the Patriot victory at Saratoga bring other challenges that helped Americans win the war?

The Patriot victory at Saratoga garnered French military support of the Revolutionary War. This was a challenge for the British because tensions with France from the Seven Years War were still high.

How did the Battle at Bunker Hill bring colonists closer to independence?

I'm pretty sure it was- It gave the Americans hope of being capable of defeating the British.

Significance of battle of Quebec?

Well it was a turning point for the british. It cut off one of the main trade/travel routs of the French; it was an ambush of the French commander Marquis de Montcalm (mark-KEE deh mont-KAHM). When the surprised French commander learned what the british had done, he ordered an immediate attack. He hoped to defeat the British before they could become entrenched. But the British routed the French with their indian allies. Both Wolfe and Montcalm were mortally wounded in the battle. With their commander dead and their troops disorganized, the French surrendered Quebec.

What clothes french bring to Trinidad?

What type of clothes did the French descent bring to Trinidad

Can her son get the french nationality when she was in the tour in tamilnadu?

To get French nationality one of your parents has to be a French national. In this case bring his or her ID to the French consulate to support the case. If there is no written evidence of a parent being French, one can get French nationality by living (legally) for ten years in France, and then applying for citizenship - which is asked for, but never granted. Another way is to marry a French national.