Battle over implied powers

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The first battle of implied powers of Congress was fought over the formation of banks. In 1790, Alexander Hamilton urged Congress to set up a national bank. Opponents of this claimed that Constitution didn't give Congress that power to establish such a bank. Hamilton won after reviewing the Necessary and Proper Clause. this battle and the first national bank was established in 1791. However, it's charter expired in 1811. During the 20 years it was opened, it was unchallenged by the courts.

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A national bank

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Q: Battle over implied powers
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What famous Marshall decision upheld the doctrine of implied powers and proclaimed national supremacy over the states?

Marbury vs madison

What was strengthened as a result of McCullough v Maryland Gibbons v Ogden and Dartmouth College v Woodward?

As a Federalist, Marshall exerted great influence over the other members of the Court to support federal supremacy over state sovereignty. The Supreme Court's decisions in the named cases prevented the states from subordinating the federal government to state laws. Some of these cases rested on the implied powers of Congress, rather than the enumerated powers; others rested on interpretation of enumerated powers, such as the Interstate Commerce Clause and its application. In these cases, the Supreme Court's decisions set a precedent allowing the Legislative Branch to exercise "implied powers," in addition to the expressed powers listed in Article I of the Constitution. Both cases exercised the interstate commerce clause of Article I, and both relied on the Article VI Supremacy Clause. Chief Justice John Marshall's opinions transferred some of the power traditionally held by the states to the Federal government.

Where does it say in the constitution what powers the judicial branch has over the executive branch?

The powers of the judicial branch are contained in Article III of the Constitution, but those powers are not over the executive branch...they are separate from the powers of the legislative and executive branches.

What were two weaknesses in the new national government?

The government has no powers over commerce or trade!

The two European powers that fought over control of the territory that became Canada were the?

The British Empire and France were the two European powers to fight over Canadian territory.

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What was the first battle over the implied powers of congress over?

Alexander Hamilton's National Bank.

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Does the constitution gives the government unlimited power?

No, the constitution does not give unlimited power, in fact it gives only limited powers to the government. There are 3 types of powers: Expressed, Implied, and Reserved. Expressed Powers - powers for the Federal government that are not specifically stated in the Constitution. Implied Powers - powers for the federal government that are actually written down in the constitution. Reserved Powers - powers given to state government (basically the left-over powers that the Federal government isn't in charge of.)

What famous Marshall decision upheld the doctrine of implied powers and proclaimed national supremacy over the states?

Marbury vs madison

Difference between express powers and explicit powers?

Do you mean expressed powers and implied powers? Expressed powers are explicit in the Constitution meaning that they are written down in the section outlining the powers of Congress, the President and the Judicial Branch. Implied powers are powers that are implied in the Constitution. For example, the Constitution makes no mention of regulating radio waves (since there was no radio when the Constitution was written) but since they have the power to regulate commerce between states, if you consider radio waves going over state lines, then they also have the power to regulate radio waves. Also, radio is a business so it is commerce. This helps our Constitution be flexible and still used today.

What are powers that neither the national government nor any of the state governments can exercise called?

Inherent powers are powers that neither the national government nor any of the states can exercise. These powers are over and beyond those explicitly spelled out in the Constitution and are only implied from express grants.

The first major dispute over the implied powers of Congress involved the establishment of the interstate highway system?

No. It involved Alexander Hamilton's National Bank.

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What was a battle site in Africa where the Americans were victorious over the Axis Powers?

El Guettar, Tunisia.

How did the Marshall Court interpret the Constitution?

The principle of judicial review.

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