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A+ = party officals

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party officials - a+

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Q: Before direct primaries which of these were responsible for nominating candidates for a political party?
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What was the closed-party process for nominating candidates replaced with?


The closed-party process for nominating candidates was replaced with during the the Progressive movement?


Why do political parties hold primaries?

To decide who the party's candidates will be.

What was NOT a measure advocated by the Progressives direct primaries secret ballots national conventions for nominationg presidential candidates initiative and referendum?

national conventions for nominating presidential candidates

What is the essential difference between the nominating and the election stages in the political process?

During the nominating stage, political parties select their candidates to run for office, while during the election stage, voters choose among these candidates to determine the winner. The nominating stage involves internal party processes, such as primaries or caucuses, while the election stage involves the general electorate casting their votes.

A political part can choose it candidates through a?

The Political Primaries... That's how Obama beat Clinton. >muna

Do parties pick their presidential candidates in national nominating conventions?

The nominating conventions used to be the place where the candidates were chosen. Nowadays primary elections often have the candidate chosen before the convention is held. However, if the primaries ended without any one candidates having a majority of the delegates in his camp, the convention would make the choice.

Are candidates plans as to how to resolve problems addressed in the political primaries?

Not in the Democratic one yet.

How do you win delegates to the national nominating convention?

Primaries are a way that political parties can win delegates at the National Nominating Convention in some states. However, in Caucus states the delegates are chosen by the party.

What is the difference between the primaries and a convention?

Primaries are elections held by political parties to choose their candidates for an upcoming election. A convention is a meeting where party delegates officially nominate their candidates and finalize their party platform for the election. Primaries are usually held before the convention to determine the candidates who will be officially endorsed at the convention.

The primaries now choose the candidates for president but is once the job of?

It was once the job of political party conventions. political party conventions

How do the two main political parties choose its final candidates for president and vice president A By congressional caucus B At a national nominating convention C By direct Primary?

C and B are both correct, I think. National primaries award votes to candidates at the conventions, but not all states have them and there are other delegates that are not bound by primaries. In recent years, one candidate has won so many votes in primaries that the nomination is either locked up or almost locked up, but it is possible that no candidate would have a clear edge when the convention begins. Primaries only bind delegates for the first ballot.