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You should be tried for your spelling

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Q: Being tried more than ounce for the same crime?
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How does double jeopardy protect citizens from the government?

The Constitution of the United States protects a defendant from being charged, or trialed, for the same offence more than once.Or in a simpler way to explain, a person CANNOT be trialed again in the same crime if the person is found innocent the first time.(: Haha :)(: You're welcome!! :)

What states practice double jeopardy?

"Double Jeopardy," the act of being tried for the same crime more than once, is against the United States Constitution, and cannot be practiced in any state.

What does it mean with prejudice they can never tried the case again?

When a case is dismissed by a Judge "Without Prejudice" It means that the person can be brought back to trial for that same crime. Normally double jeopardy (constitutionally a person can not be tried for the same crime twice if a case is dropped and the person declared innocent) would prevent that from being possible, but the judge saying the case is without prejudice it does not violate the persons constitutional rights and the person can be brought up on charges for the same crime if more evidence is found later.

Would double jeopardy apply if a crime was committed and defendant was convicted and served time in jail in Washington then went to Louisiana and committed the same exact crime the same way?

No. That is a repeat offense, and most likely, you will do more time the second time around. Double jeopardy is being tried for the exact same crime. For instance, if you kill someone, you can't be tried and convicted twice. What you're asking is akin to saying can I kill once, serve time, then go out and kill again? No.

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