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Q: Beliefs to the right of center generally oppose in society?
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What culture did the counterculture oppose and why?

The culture that the counterculture of the 1960's opposed was the anti-establishment culture. Their overly conservative lifestyle and beliefs is what they opposed.

What did the opposition to legalize cause many conservatives to do?

Opposition to legalized abortion caused many conservatives to oppose the ERA.

Why did Sadie Beckwith oppose a strong federal government?


Why do some groups use insider methods while other groups use outsider methods?

some groups do not want insider status as they may oppose govt all together or feel they will have to compromise their beliefs e.g ALF. however some groups are unable to gain insider groups this could be because of the methods they practice or their beliefs. governments generally do not like to be associated with controversial groups for instance groups associated with euthanasia. other groups may be unable to gain insider groups because their beliefs do not coincide with the beliefs of the government, this means that a groups status may change depending on simply who is government. so in answer to your question some groups choose outsider methods simply because of their beliefs and others may have to use outsider methods such as consulting opposition parties as they are unable to become recognised as legitimate by the government.

What are the beliefs of the America First Party?

The America First Party which was formed in 2002 and claims to reflect the values of the American people. They are pro-life, pro-guns, and wants to end affirmative action and racial quotas. In addition, they oppose unlimited and illegal immigration.

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Why do some born again Christians oppose a homogeneous society?

Christians might oppose a homogeneous society, which are groups of people that have common ties with race, ethnic or religious backgrounds, because of the way they were raised and their beliefs.

How do you oppose superstitious beliefs with science?

Test the beliefs using scientific methods. In most cases the beliefs will turn out to be unfounded.

How do socialists generally differ from communists?

Socialist oppose goverment interference with the economy.

Name given to one whose beliefs oppose theories of evolution?


Why do some people oppose the influence of American cul true on their society?

Usually those are the cultures that oppose freedom.

What groups of Americans tend to oppose US participation in war?

Generally speaking, the Left-wing in the US tends to oppose participation in wars.

What do Republicans think of adoption by same-sex married couples?

They generally oppose it.

How do people's values influence their beliefs about social programs and taxation?

People's values influence their beliefs about social programs and taxation in that they either find it necessary to support the programs or oppose them

What are Quakers religious beliefs?

They believe in equality of all members; make decisions by consensus; oppose prisons and war.

Why was the KKK able to happen?

The KKK operated as a secret society and was therefore difficult to control or oppose.

Why did loyalist oppose the patriots demands?

Loyalist forces were adamant about maintaining ties to King George III while the Patriots were determined to oppose the King. Many Patriots ended up as enemies to the crown for their beliefs and actions.

Does the Republican Party support or opposed gun regulation?

Generally speaking, republicans oppose gun regulation.