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West Point


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Q: Benedict Arnold asked George Washington to give him command of this defensive post?
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Did Benedict Arnold ask George Washington to give him command of his defensive post in west point?

Yes the answer is west point good job!

Which fort did Washington put Benedict Arnold in command of?

West Point newtest3

Why did Horatio Gates get credit for the Battle of Saratoga instead of Benedict Arnold?

Horatio Gates was first in command and Benedict Arnold was in second.

Why did George Washington promote Bendict Arnold to be a general?

George Washington thought that Benedict Arnold had leadership abilities.

Who helped Benedict Arnold take over fort Ticonderoga?

British Mayor John Andre helped Benedict Arnold try to capture George Washington.

Who switched allegiance to the US during the revolutionary war?

Bendict Arnold is the famous traitor who secretly changed sides.

What important people did Benedict Arnold meet?

He met George Washington in 1775

Who lead the failed American attack quebec?

Benedict Arnold

Who became commander of the American troops during the Revolutionary War?

benedict arnold

What was Benedict Arnold's favorite food?

There is a Pope Benedict and there was a Benedict Arnold but never a Pope Benedict Arnold.

Who was Benedict arnolds dad?

Benedict Arnold's father was also named Benedict Arnold. They were both named after his great-grandfather, who was the president of Rhode Island.

Why did General Benedict Arnold betray the Continental Army?

Because Benedict Arnold thought that the soldiers didn't treat him like a General and He thought that he wasn't getting payed enough. This cause was because of Congress didn't have not alot of money so General Benedict Arnold led British to attack on Virginia Towns. And Later He died in 1811. (I hope this helped you)