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  1. The Agrarian Revolution.
  2. The Zanj Rebellion in Iraq.
  3. The Haitian Slave Revolution.
  4. Skendenberg's Rebellion in Albania.
  5. The Texas Revolution
  6. The Industrial Revolution.
  7. The Hogen Rebellion in Japan.
  8. The Green Revolution.
  9. The Russian Revolution.
  10. Pontiac's Rebellion.
  11. The 1434 Swedish Peasant Rebellion.
  12. The Mexican Revolutions.
  13. The Pittsburgh Whiskey Rebellion.
  14. The French Revolution.
  15. The 1804 Serbian Revolution.
  16. The 1809 La Paz Revolution.
  17. The Iranian Revolution.
  18. The 1847 Maya Rebellion.
  19. The 1848 Hungarian Revolution.
  20. The Young Turk Revolution.
  21. The Indonesian National Revolution.
  22. The August Revolution of Ho Chi Minh.
  23. The Cuban Revolution.
  24. The People Power Revolution in the Philippines ousts Ferdinand Marcos.
  25. The 2001 EDSA Revolution
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Q: Besides the American Revolution name five other revolutions that happen in the history of the world?
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The four major revolutions in history are the (in chronological order): Glorious (English) Revolution American Revolution French Revolution Latin American Revolution. These are otherwise known as G.A.F.L.

The American revolution has been important in world history because it?

It was encouraged/influenced later revolutions in other parts of the world

What was the low point of the Colonial American Revolution?

Depends on which revolution. There have been thousands or revolutions through history. Please be more specific and ask the question again.

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Try this: "The "Russian Revolution" was actually three revolutions: the 1905 Revolution, the February Revolution of 1917 and the October Revolution of 1917."

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Revolutions are generally caused by bad leaders, bad economy, or by another countries' demonstration of a successful revolution.

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There have been dozens of books by different authors on the American Revolution.