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Q: Black who integrated Alabama buses?
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When did buses in Montgomery Alabama become integrated?

The Montgomery, Alabama, city buses became integrated on December 20, 1956, as a result of a successful year-long boycott by the African-American community, the US Supreme Court decision declaring segregation in public transportation to be unconstitutional, and a US District Court order telling the company to integrate.

When was Black Prince Buses created?

Black Prince Buses was created in 1969.

When was the University of Alabama first integrated?


Where was the last integrated school in the US?

Tuscaloosa Alabama

What did blacks hope to gain by boycotting the buses in Montgomery Alabama?

They hoped to use economic pressure to end segregation on the buses.

Would Alabama just use taxis?

No they would use buses to

When were the Montgomery Alabama buses desegregated?

The Montgomery, Alabama, city buses were desegregated on December 20, 1956, as the result of a court order arising from the Supreme Court's decision in Browder v. Gayle, (1956).

What did the African American community of Montgomery Alabama do to support the civil rights movement?

they boycotted the buses they refused to ride segregated buses

How long did the blacks of Montgomery refuse to ride the buses?

Who was the person who refused to give up a seat on the bus and led to a 382-day boycott by black people in Montgomery,Alabama

Is there any buses or trains going from Alabama to panama city fl?


Which activist group rode in integrated buses that prompted violence from white racists?

Rosa parks riders

What event happened in 1955 for Martin Luther King Jr.?

king led the black boycott of the Montgomery,Alabama ,bus system this event helped end segregation of blacks and white on public/local buses