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the historical record

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Q: Books oral accounts government documents and other items from your everyday lives make up?
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What are the Various books of account of the local government?

depending on the accounting policies of your country, local governments in different countries may keep different books of accounts and their treatment of transactions may also vary. However, local governments will normally have the following books: a variety of ledgers, cashbooks, vote book and petty cashbook. The vote book serve as control to the funds ensuring that budget allocated to a given vote head is not exceeded. The cash book serves to record the receipts and payment of cash. The petty cash book records the petty cash held on hand used in the day to day operations of the local government. Note that local governments do not usually keep one cash book.

What is is an oversight?

is the process of checking financial transactions/books of accounts of a puplic organisation to ensure statutory performance by a cartified public accontant company (CPA) and report to the appropriate authority.

What was Ray Bradburys attitude towards the government?

He probably disagreed with the governments decisions at the time considering the fact that he wrote a book "Fahrenheit 451", which is about a "tryant" "rebelling" against the government for banning books.

During world war 2 the federal government reacted to shortages of various goods by?

Rationing. People had to get ration books for supplies to prevent hoarding.

How did the invention of movable type revolutionize European life?

It stimulated the literacy of laypeople, made propaganda possible it was a revolutionary step forward in the lives of everyday people and helped us become more literate.

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Why did ration books have swastika stamps?

The swastika mark indicated that they were official government documents of Nazi Germany.

What has the author Russell Castonguay written?

Russell Castonguay has written: 'A comparative guide to classification schemes for local government documents collections' -- subject(s): Books, Classification, Government publications

Where can you find XML documents such as technical books or documents etc?

in a libery

What has the author James Ingersoll Wyer written?

James Ingersoll Wyer has written: 'U.S. government documents, federal, state and city' -- subject(s): Government publications, Best books 'Reference work' -- subject(s): Reference services (Libraries), Reference books

What are the primary books of accounts?

Primary books of accounts are those books in which business transactions are recorded at first, i.e., journals - special journals as well as general journal.

What has the author Therrin C Dahlin written?

Therrin C. Dahlin has written: 'Books and documents on government information policy' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Information policy

Types of accountants?

An accountant is skilled at keeping books of accounts properly. The different types of accountant are public accountants, management accountants, government accountants, and internal auditors.

Where are documents and books stored?

Documents and books can be stored in various places such as libraries, archives, bookstores, personal collections, and digital platforms like e-readers and online databases. The physical storage of documents and books often depends on the type of material and the purpose for which they are being stored.

How many years book of accounts preserve for?

Noramally books of accounts are preserved for five years

How long keep invoices?

Invoices shall be kept upto a period of 6 years as required by the Income Tax Act, 1961 to maintain books of accounts and other supporting documents upto a period of 6 assessment years..

What is the message of the accounts of creation found in the books of Genesis?


Independent branch accounts?

It is a branch which had able to prepare its own accounts on its books then we say that is an independent branch. Accounts prepared by it is technically called as independent branch accounts.