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Q: British surrender at Yorktown
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Where did British troops surrender at?


When did the British surrender at Yorktown take place?

October 19, 1781 was the date of Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown.

Where was the final surrender of the british?

they surendered in yorktown.

How did Washington defeat the British?

He forced the british to surrender at Yorktown

The American revolution ended when the british surrenered here?


Where did the British surrendered?

We need more information- such as the time period or the war in question- in order to be able to give you a good answer. In the American Revolution, the surrender of British forces came at Yorktown VA. Other wars, other places.

How were the british forced to surrender at Yorktown?

The were forced, or surrounded

Where did the British surrender after the American Revolution?

the battle of Yorktown

Who accepted the british surrender in Yorktown?

George Washington

The surrender by the British marking the end of the fighting?


Where did the british surrender the Revolutionary War?

Yorktown, it was the last battle of the Revolutionary war.

Where did the final surrender of the british in the American revolution come at?