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Q: British taxation of colonists without their consent was the major reason for?
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Who spoke out taxation without representation?

The British colonists in America before the War of Independence (no taxation without representation /in the British Parliament/).

What did the patriots want?

The patriots wanted Independence from Great Britain because they protested that Great Britain had no right to tax them without the consent of their own colonial assemblies. They called the British policies "Taxation Without Representation." Some colonists refused to buy British Products.

Did the Americans or the British have the better argument with regard to the taxation problem?

Primarily the Colonists argued that because they had no voice in the distant British Parliament they should not be subjected to British taxes (and some other British demands). The slogan was, "No taxation without representation." Then when Britain decided to require the Colonists pay taxes to help with the debts Britain incurred in their war with France, the Colonists rebelled.

Which of these is the slogan adopted by colonists angry about British taxes?

One of the most significant reasons why the colonists were against the British taxes was because they had no say over them, as they were not represented in the British government. The United States Declaration of Independence was ratified on July 4, 1776.

Which contributed the outbreak of the Revolutionary War?

The battlecry was "Taxation without representation". The British government imposed taxes upon the colonists; but the colonists had no say in what was taxed and by how much.

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Who spoke out taxation without representation?

The British colonists in America before the War of Independence (no taxation without representation /in the British Parliament/).

Why shouldn't the british tax the colonists?

No taxation without representation in parliament

Which was the common slogan used by colonists to express anger towards the British taxes?

"No Taxation Without Representation!" was the phrase.

What phrase became important to the colonists during the taxation passed by the British government?

"No taxation without representation"

What was virtual representation and how did it affect colonists?

Virtual Representation was rejected by the colonists and their delegates when Parliament began taxing them without their consent - remember: "no taxation without representation"

What did colonists do to protest taxes placed on British goods?

"No taxation without representation!"

What became the battle cry for the colonists against the British?

Taxation without representation??

What was the colonists famous saying when it comes to the british government?

"No taxation without representation"

The colonists slogan no taxation without representation expresses a belief in?

the consent of the governed

Why did the colonist not agreed with British taxation?

The colonists felt British taxation was unfair. They were forced to pay taxes, but received basically nothing in return. Due to the colonists wanting something for their money, the phrase "taxation without representation" was coined. American colonists demanded representatives in England.

What was the slogan that represents the colonists complaint against the british?

Taxation Without Representation is Tyranny

Why did the colonist object the stamp act?

The colonists were upset because it was taxation without representation, meaning that the colonists were not represented in Parliament so the tax was done without colonial consent.