Buchanan Water Sampler

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Buchanan water sampler was used on the Challenger ship to test the water back in the 1870's.

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Q: Buchanan Water Sampler
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What was the newly invented piece of equipment used on the challenger ship to get water samples called?

the Buchanan water sampler

What is Buchanan Water Sampler?

The Buchanan Water Sampler is an instrument used in the 1900 century to collect water samples from certain depths. The mechanism is attached to a line which is thrown over the side of a ship and when it gets to a certain depth (this is told from the numbers on the side of the line) the person holding the line sends a messenger ( a tiny mechanism sent to close the lid on the Sampler), then reals it up for testing.

What is the function of niskin water sampler?

sampling water vertically.

What is the definiton of rhizons?

Sampler used to extract pore-water from undisturbed soil and sediments

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