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Q: By 1972 what fraction of voters were splitting their votes in elections?
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What fraction of voters were splitting their votes in elections in 1972?

i am alomost positive it is 2/3.

Who votes in elections for senators?

The election is in each state and registered voters vote for senate.

Is Mississippi a democrat or republican state?

Because the state of Mississippi does not offer registered voter statistics by party, we must judge either from primary elections (to see how many voters their are from both parties) or from general elections. Through primary elections we conclude that Mississippi is a state dominated by the Democratic Party. In the 2007 Mississippi Governor election, the Democratic Primary had a total of about 450,000 voters compared to about 197,000 voters of the Republican Primary. Also, in the 2008 Presidential Election, the Mississippi Democratic Party Primary had a total of about 429,000 voters compared to about 145,000 voters of the Republican party. Whereas in general elections we conclude that Mississippi is a state dominated by the Republican party. In the 2008 Presidential election the Republican candidate (John McCain) received about 725,000 votes while the Democratic candidate (Barack Obama) received about 555,000 votes. The total voter turnout for the election was about 1,290,000 voters. This is significantly larger than the voter turnout for state primaries such as the primaries for the 2007 Governor election where there was a total of about 650,000 voters, which is almost half the amount of voters that voted in the presidential election. This would support the theory that the state of Mississippi has a larger voter turnout in general elections because voters do not have to vote in affiliation with a party; evidently showing how it is more likely that there are more unaffiliated or independent voters in the state of Mississippi than there are Democratic and Republican voters.Source:

How many electoral votes did John Adams get in?

None . In the election of the first presidents there was no electoral votes nor general elections. The men who became president were elected by congress. The founding fathers felt that the voters were not educated enough to be able to select a president.

Who officially votes the president into office?


The mass of people who actually cast votes in an election?

No. The number of eligible voters is that number of people that are registered to vote and are not prohibited from doing so for some reason. It would be a unique event if all eligible voters actually did vote. In most elections, even national ones, it is considered a good turnout if 50% of the eligible people actually turn out to vote. Local elections can have an even smaller turn out.

Who got the highest votes in 2004 Indian elections?

in India's election mr. sajjan kumar got the highest votes in 2004 elections

Can political ads affect the votes of voters?


What has the author Graham Gudgin written?

Graham Gudgin has written: 'New manufacturing firms in regional employment growth' 'Electoral bias and the distribution of party voters' 'Seats, votes, and the spatial organisation of elections' -- subject- s -: Election districts, Elections, Representative government and representation, Voting

How many votes are needed for a majority winner if there are thirty voters?

Fifteen votes are needed for a majority win if there are thirty voters.

How many registered voters are there in Virginia?

Virginia has 11 representatives in the US House and two Senators in the US Senate. The number of electoral votes a state has matches the number of its representatives and senators, so Virginia has 13 electoral votes.

What is Florida electoral votes?

Florida has 29 electoral votes in the elections of 2012, 2016 and 2020.