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Q: Can The Supreme Court have the power to decide if laws are unconstitutional can the president overturn its decision with veto power?
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Can a legislature overturn a supreme court decision holding a particular statute unconstitutional?

No it can't. The only way to overturn a supreme court decision is either another supreme court decision, or a constitutional amendment.

Can a us president overturn a supreme court amendment?

A U. S. president cannot reverse a U. S. Supreme Court decision or the decision of the Supreme Court of any state or territory.

Can the president override a decision of the Court?

No. The Supreme Court has the ability to declare something unconstitutional or not. If they have declared something unconstitutional then there is nothing the president can do about it.

Are the supreme court decions only overturned by the president?

The president does not have any power over the decisions of the Supreme Court. Only the Supreme Court itself can overturn a supreme court decision.

Congress passes a law The President vetoes it Congress overrides the veto The law is appealed to the Supreme Court which rules it unconstitutional What?

"What?" indeed! If the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional, that ends it. The only ones who can overturn that are some future Supreme Court.

Can Overturn Or Throw Out Laws Passed By Congress?

Both the state and federal supreme courts can overturn unconstitutional state laws; the US Supreme Court is the ultimate authority on the constitutionality of federal law.

Can the US Supreme Court overturn a law that was approved by the President?

The Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch of the government and has the responsibility to enforce the Constitution. If legislation is found to be unconstitutional then it is overturned.

Can the US Justice department declare a law is unconstitutional?

No, an Appeals Court cannot 'find' a law unconstitutional. They might declare a law to be unconstitutional IN THEIR BELIEF, but they can only overturn the decision of the lower court and/or return it to them for further action or consideration. Only the U.S. Supreme Court can find a law unconstitutional.

How has the Supreme Court ruled an executive privilege?

Yes. Due to the process of Judicial Review, considered by some the most powerful force in the government, the Supreme Court has the authority to overturn virtually any law or decision deemed unconstitutional.

How does the supreme court overturn a lower courts decision?

By issuing a judicial review.

Can the Supreme Court overturn a bill?

No. Only the President of the United States can do this. However, when a law is enacted, and then challenged in the court system, it may be appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court where it may then be ruled unconstitutional.

Should Congress be permitted to overturn a US Supreme Court's decision by drafting a piece of legislation contrary to the Court's decision?

Sometimes. If the Supreme Court decision interprets a statute or common law, it can be overturned by a legislative statute to the contrary. However, if the Supreme Court decision is interpreting constitutional law, a constitutional amendment would be required to overturn the decision.