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Yes, U.S. Citizens are not required to be a part of any political party. They can choose to participate in one or act as an Independent. Citizens may choose to vote for any candidate (or write in their own) even if they have declared themselves to be part or a member of a particular party.

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Q: Can U.s. citizens be in any political party?
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What advantag to become a member of either republican or Democratic Party?

US citizens wishing to become members of a political party will chose the party that best represents their own political views. Generally speaking, people don't chose to become a Democrat or a Republican based on any "advantage". This holds true for other political parties in the US. There are a number of smaller parties in the US, however, these parties rarely have an impact on US politics.

Any party that has less support than one of the major political parties in the US is a?

minor party

What is any party that has less support than one of the major political parties in the US is?

Any party that has less support than one of the major political parties in the United States is known as a minor party.

Is it illegal in the US to be a communist or belong to the communist party?

No, the US Constitution protects persons belonging to ANY political party, including communism.

What is the political status on Puerto Ricans in the US?

They are US Citizens.

What is a primary role of political parties in helping citizens engage with the us government?

increasing citizens' in politics by encouraging them to see opposing parties as the enemy making voting simpler by indicating what positions candidates associated with the party are likely to late motivating citizens to take action on political issues

First political party in US was?

The Federalist Party.

Was the liberty party the first political party in the US?

Yes, the liberty party was the first political party in the United States.

What third political party was formed in the US?

The Green Party is a third party and was formed in the US

What are the membership fees to join a political party?

(in the US) there is no fee to join a political party.

What political party was in power in US in 1994?

Democratic party

Which of these is an example of a strong political party in the US?

the Democratic party