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Q: Can a bench trial be pushed back?
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What was the result in Jeff Hardy's trial?

The trial has been pushed back to May

What kind of trial has no jury?

it is called a bench trial

What is the difference between a jury trial and a bench trial?

A bench trial is a trial by a judge as opposed to a trial by a jury.

A case tried to a judge without a jury is called?

A trial to a judge sitting without a jury is called a "bench trial."

Who decides a bench trial?

A "bench trial" is a trial before a judge sitting without a jury. The judge alone decides the case.

What trial has no jury?

A trial that has no jury is called a bench trial. A defendant may choose to waive his right to a jury trial and have his case heard and decided by a judge only. See the link below for a simple description of this type of trial.

What is the name of a trial decided by a judge?

Bench trial

What type of trial is conducted solely by the judge?

Bench Trial

What type of trial is heard by a judge alone?

Bench Trial

Who determines quilt in a bench trial?

Since no jury is present during a bench trial, it is solely the judge who decides guilty or not guilty.

When do you have a trial by judge?

In most cases, you have the right to a trial by jury, but this is not a requirement. In a criminal case, if the defendant opts to have a bench trial, there will be no jury. In a civil case, if neither party requests a jury, it will be a bench trial.

What is a bench trial?

A "bench trial" is a case heard by a judge without a jury. In a jury case, the jury decides the facts of the case -- what is true and not true -- and the judge decides the law. In a bench trial, the judge determines the facts and the law.