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Practically, no.

Since the vice president is made president if the president is incapable of performing his duties, they would be constitutionally unable to fulfill the obligation if the president were to resign or take ill.

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Q: Can a two term past president run for vice president in the US of America?
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What is the Slang term for the vice president of America?

"VEEP" from sounding out the letters in V.P.

Who was Lincoln's third vice president?

Abraham Lincoln was the US President for two terms. In his first term, Hannibal Hamlin was his Vice President, and in his second term, Andrew Johnson was his Vice President. President Lincoln was shot 6 weeks into his second term, and Andrew Johnson became President. Thus, Abraham Lincoln did not have a third Vice President.

What is the term of the India vice president?

The Indian vice president is elected for a term of five (5) years.

When did Aaron Burr serve as vice president?

Thomas Jefferson was President from 1801 to 1809, and Aaron Burr was the Vice President during Jefferson's first term, from 1801 to 1805.

What is the length of the term of the vice president?

The Vice-president's term is the same as the President, 4 years.

Who did President Abraham Lincoln choose as his Vice President?

During Abraham Lincoln's first term as President his Vice-President was Hannibal Hamlin and during his second term his Vice-President was Andrew Johnson.

How long does a Vice President remain in office If the President of the US is unable to perform his duties?

The Vice President could become Acting President in the event of Presidential disability, and there is no codified term. A new Vice President would not be nominated. Should the Vice President succeed to the Presidency, then he would serve out the remainder of that President's term, and a new Vice President would ordinarily be nominated to fill the Vice President's unexpired term.

Can Chaney be McCain's vice president?

Yes, there are no term limits for the vice president.

If the president can no longer serve who can be president?

vice president until presidents term is up.

Who becomes President of the United States of America if the current President dies?

If any US President were to die during their term of office, then the US Vice President would be sworn in as President.

How long is a vice president's term?

A Vice president's term is four years for one term. Like the President, They can have up to two terms in office.

Who was the first vice president to be elected president right after his vice presidential term?

John Adams was the first Vice-President to be elected President immediately after his Vice-Presidential Term. He was the second person to serve as President of the United Sates, having been Vice-President during the Administration of George Washington.