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A vice-president does not have to resign his office in order to run for President.

Martin Van Buren, Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, George H. W. Bush and Al Gore all ran for President while holding the office of vice-president.

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2012-06-03 22:02:48
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Q: Can a vice president leave office and run for president?
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Can the vice president run for office?


How long can a vice president run for?

There are no term limits on the office of U.S. Vice President.

How is the president and vice president chosen to run in office?

The electorial college

The president and vice president run for office together as a unit?


How does a vice president be elected?

The president of the united states chooses his or her vice president. If that president wins the vice president that the president chose will help run office with him/her.

Can the former vice president who just came into the president office run for third term in office?


If vice president takes office for a deceased president how many more terms can he serve as president?

When a president dies the vice president takes office for however years the president had left. He can run for president.

What age must the vice president be to run for office?

35 or older

Can a former US president run for office of VP of US?

Yes a former US President can run for office of Vice President of the United States. A former US President can run and be elected for any other type of office.

Does the governor and Lt governor of Texas have to run for office together as the president and vice president?


Can a vice president run for President while in office?

If the current president isn't going to seek re-election, the vice president can run. Like, Dick Cheney could have run during this election since Bush can't run again.

If a newly elected president dies in office and the vice president assumes the office of president could they then run for president and be elected for 2 full terms?

No, They can not run for two full terms. However,they may run for one more term in office as President of the United States.

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