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Can someone pls help us I'm confused lol

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Q: Can an oligarchy include representative democracy?
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What are the main types of government?

Direct Democracy, Tribal Rule, Absolute Monarchy, Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Constitutional Monarchy and Representative Democracy.

Are the rights of minorities better protected in a representative democracy an autocracy or an oligarchy?

representative democrazy

What countries practice TRUE democracy om the world?

The countries you have named all practice representative democracy (oligarchy) as opposed to true democracy.

What kinds of government did the greek city states have?

Direct Democracy, Representative Democracy, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Theocracy, Oligarchy, Anarchy and Tyranny. These are the forms of government that all Greek city-states had.

What are the major types of government?

The major types of a government is a direct democracy, representative democracy, constitutional monarchy, absolute monarchy, and a dictatorship.

What is the difference between a representative democracy and a oligarchy?

Democracy is (theoretically) governed by all of the people. An oligarchy is ruled by a small group of people... as "oli-" means "few." Some might argue that the broken democratic system of the US is creating a specific type of oligarchy called a plutocracy, which is when the wealthy rule.

How can the ancient Athens government be classified?

Over a period of a thousand years it went from Monarchy to Oligarchy to Tyranny to Oligarchy to Limited Democracy to Direct Democracy to broad-based Oligarchy to Direct Democracy to Oligarchy to Direct Democracy etc etc.

Who ruled the city state of athen?

First a king, then an aristocracy, then a tyrant, then a democracy, then an oligarchy, then a democracy, then an oligarchy, then a democracy, then a king.

Was Athens democratic or authoritarian?

It started as a monarchy, became an oligarchy, then a tyranny, then limited democracy, then an oligarchy, then a radical democracy, then a limited democracy.

Why are the type of governments of Athens from earliest to latest?

Monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, limited democracy, radical democracy, oligarchy, limited democracy,.

What does a oligarchy stand for?

Government by a group; and not by a monarch. democracy is an oligarchy.

What does oligarchy stands for?

Government by a group; and not by a monarch. democracy is an oligarchy.