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A Democrat could run for the Democratic nomination against an incumbent Democratic President. This happened in 1980 , for example, when Ted Kennedy ran against President Carter.

A democrat would not run on the same party lines as another Democrat since the Democratic party can only nominate one candidate themselves.

So a third party could nominate a Democrat to run for president if that Democrat lost the Democratic nomination to someone else.

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Q: Can another democrat run against the existing democratic president?
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What Democratic candidate ran against President Lincoln for president in 1864?

In the 1984 presidential election, Abraham Lincoln ran against George B. McClellan, a Democrat. Lincoln won with 55% of the vote.

What were the results of the Democratic primaries of the election of 1928?

The November 6, 1928 was the third consecutive landslide win for Republicans. President Herbert Hoover won against democrat Al Smith.

Did anyone run against Bill Clinton as a Democrat during his reelection to his second term?

No, there were no significant challengers from within the Democratic Party to Bill Clinton during his reelection campaign for his second term as president in 1996. Clinton easily secured the Democratic nomination and ran unopposed within his own party.

Who was the democratic nominee for president in 1988?

Walter Mondale was the Democrat who ran for President in 1984. He won less than 41% of the popular vote and carried only his home state of Minnesota and DC in his race against Ronald Reagan.

Who was the first Democrat president?

Thomas Jefferson in 1800, is sometimes considered to be the first democrat. At least he was not a Federalist. Andrew Jackson is also honored by the current Democratic Party. They still hold an annual Jefferson-Jackson Day fund-raiser dinner. Grover Cleveland was the first Democrat to run against a Republican and win.

What democratic president was against trusts and big business?


Who was the democrat nominee running against Ronald Reagan when he won the presidency?

Ronald Reagan won the 1980 presidential election defeating incumbent President Jimmy Carter. Incumbent President Ronald Reagan won reelection in the 1984 presidential election defeating Walter Mondale.

What democrat ran for vice president against Quayle?

Lloyd Bentsen who was a Senator from Texas.

Who The ideas of led to the founding of the Democratic Party?

Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Republicans. His administration was an example of what came to be called Jefferson Democracy. He opposed a federal bank and wealthy interests against the working man. This group splinted in later years and Andrew Jackson was the first democrat elected president.

Did McCarthy run against Nixon for president?

Nixon ran against Democrat George S. McGovern in the 1968 election and won.

Democratic president against trust and big business?

Woodrow Wilson

What club can you join that's against Obama?

President Obama is a democrat. You could register to vote as a Independent or Republican.