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The Federal Government can withhold Federal tax dollars for highways for states that post higher speed limits on the Interstate than what the Feds suggest.

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Q: Can any US traffic laws be enacted nationwide by the federal government?
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What is the canadian federal government in charge of?

Look after the whole country and their rulesThe Federal Government is the leading government that takes care of Australia they are in charge of laws that affect the country as a whole. When the electorates from all over Australia gather to share views and give updates and ideas, the commonwealth government is split up into two separate judiciaries of power; they are called the Senate and the House of Representatives. The house of representatives, despite having more people, actually has less power as anything they come up with must be passed through the Senate before it goes into and more detail or consideration. The house of Representatives consists of 150 members that each represents a different area in Australia (also known as electorates) for example Wayne Swan goes to Canberra as the Electorate for Lillie and there are many more members and electorates. The electorate areas are roughly around the same populations therefore resulting in the fact that states with higher populations have more representatives in the House. The Senate has much less however, it is comprised of 76 members but instead of amounts depending on the population the Senate is spread evenly among the states: there are 12 for each state and 2 for each territory. The Senate was established later on as a way to ensure that each state had a fair say and so that laws that would be of an advantage to states of largerpopulations and disadvantage to those with less [populations]. Another part of government is the executive in which there are many different departments that have been formed so that each would be in charge of certain controlling of Australia some of these departments include the Department of Education, Science and Training which works with the State government to develop rules and policies for people to follow to ensure that people get the best possible education and learning, study and training and the study of Science. There are many other departments within government. The final part of government is known as judiciary. It works completely on its own and does not rely on the other two forms within the Federal Government. Their role is to make sure that Australia is following its laws and that the Government is abiding by the Constitution or that of parliament. The high court is Australia's highest courts but below that are several other Federal courts. Federal government runs many different areas of requirement in our society, this includes; - Australian Facts and Figures - Benefits, Payments & Services - Business & Industry - Culture, History & Sport - Defence and International Relations - Economics, Finance & Tax - Education & Training - Employment & Workplace - Environment & Natural Resources - Family, Home & Community - Government and Parliament - Health & Safety - Immigration - Information & Communications - Law & Justice - Primary Industry - Science & Technology - Tourism & Travel - Transport

Which committee is the traffic cop of the House?

The Rules Committee acts as the traffic officer of the House.

Which federal court hear the greatest number of cases?

This is admittedly an educated guess and may be applicable only in the US: But I believe the answer would be Municipal Courts or County-level court systems probably hear the most cases due simply to the sheer number of misdemeanor and traffic cases that are heard each day.

What is the main purpose of traffic laws?

To regulate movement of traffic - ultimate drivers answer (ontario, Canada) are you sure

Why did Reagan fire the ATC?

August 03,1981 PATCO members (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) went on strike and were told to be back at their jobs in 48 hours or the government would assume the striking controllers had quit. Congress in 1947 passed a law forbidding strikes by Government employees. Reagan read aloud the non-strike oath that each air controller, and indeed any federal employee, must sign upon hiring. Reagan further stated the strikers are in violation of the law, and if they do not report for work within 48 hours, they have forfeited their jobs and will be terminated. Many of the PACO strike members did not return back to work and as a result were fired.

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What are the statutes and regulations covering federal traffic offenses?

The Federal government does not regulate traffic offenses. These are regulated by the states. The Federal rules deal with specific types of transportation, usually with insuring the free flow of traffic across state boundries.

Can a convicted felon be a air traffic controller?

No. The Federal Government does not employ convicted felons.

Who decides whether drivers charged with violating traffic laws are guilty or innocent?

Federal government

Alcohol was involved in percent of the total traffic fatalities in 2004 nationwide?


How did the federal government become involved in air traffic control?

There was a lack of funding, and alot of near misses between pilots in IFR conditions

Who is introduce first traffic law?

The British Parliament enacted the Locomotive on Highways Act, in 1861

Can you get a federal felony sealed if you had a traffic violation?

I know of no traffic violation that amounts to a felony offense and of no traffic violation which would fall under the jurisdictioon of the federal governmnent.

Why should we eliminate all federal taxes?

Your question calls for an opinion. My opinion is we should not eliminate all Federal taxes. They pay for the Federal government to operate. That includes the military, transportation regulation (like air traffic controllers) government hospitals, courts, prisons, regulators like OSHA and the EPA, Center for Disease Control, Food & Drug Administration, etc.

Is it true that traffic courts and juvenile courts are example of some of the different courts at the federal level?

(in the US) No. No traffic courts or juvenile courts exist at the federal level.

What is the full meaning of FRSC?

The full meaning of FRSC is Federal Road Safety Corps. It is a government agency in Nigeria responsible for road safety management and traffic control.

Why can't postal workers strike?

Federal employees are prohibited by law from going on strike. Hence the reason for the firing of air traffic controllers during the Regan Administration. They work under government guide lines and government employees can not strike. Even though they are not government employees they work for the government.

Why government make traffic rules?

to be safe