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Q: Can any us citizen speak before the us congress?
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Can the President introduce a Bill?

It is not generally known, but any citizen including the president can present bills or ideas for bills to congress. It may not be easy, and ideas perceived as harebrained won't get far. If you are a US citizen then there are US senators and representatives who are there for you. Give them your ideas; that's what representation means. The president has an inside track and can find congress persons to sponsor and/or coauthor legislation that he is interested in, but that should not keep you from voicing your ideas.

Who can introduce a law to Congress?

In a state - any member of the State Legislature. In the Congress - any member of the Representative or Senator.

Who decides if someone can become a US Citizen?

There is no single person who makes this decision; it's a bureaucratic process. Any person born on US soil is a citizen by default. Any person who is a legal resident alien can make an application to become a naturalized citizen, and if the application is approved and the person fulfills the requirements they are a citizen. People can become citizens if they are married or related to current citizens. In certain cases people are granted citizenship for humanitarian reasons - usually if there's a credible threat to their lives if they return to their native land. There are restrictions placed on who can become a resident alien - quotas that prevent mass migrations from impoverished nations, screenings to weed out dangerous criminals, and the like - but aside from that the process is largely a matter of crossing T's and dotting I's.

Requirements for any one to run for us president?

Born in the US At least 35 years old 14-year US resident To appear on the ballot in any state, a petition with some large number of signatures must be submitted to the authorities in that state before a certain deadline. You do not have to be born in the US to run... You just have to be a born citizen. For instance I was born in Hanau Germany and I am still a born U.S citizen because one of my parents is a US citizen.

Why is it important for citizens to preserve the Constitution?

it is only important if you care about any and all of your rights, u know your right to speak freely to bear arms to own property to be able to protest things you fundamentally disagree with. it should be the utmost importance to every citizen

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When will the Democrats invite Hassan Rouhani to speak before the Congress since the Republicans had Benyamin Netanyahu speak?

The Democrats have shown no interest in inviting Hassan Rouhani to give a speech before Congress. Rouhani has not met any Senator, Congressman, or President so far anyway.

What rules do presidential candidates have to follow?

They have to be 4o years of age. They have to be a United States citizen. Before going to war they must have approval from Congress( however, presidents have found a way around this in the past) They can veto any law passed by Congress. However, Congress can overturn a veto-ed law.

Does citizen of us right to a trial?

Any person, citizen or not, accused of a crime in the U.S. has the right to a fair trial before a Jury of his Peers. A U.S. Citizen's constitutional rights, however, do NOT apply in dealings with any government outside the territory of the United States.

Can the president give raises to the Congress?

No, Pay is set by Congress. The only vote the president has is his own individual vote just like any other citizen. The power he does have over Congress is the VETO. So, he can't vote himself a raise, but he can veto a pay cut!

Which president wasn't born in the united state?

Any president born before 1776 was born a British citizen.

In 1862 congress passed a law allowing any us citizen to claim 160 acres in the west what was this act called?

The homestead act!

Can congress create agreements with other nations?

Yes, they're called treaties. In fact, I think that Congress has to approve any treaty before the President may sign it.

Must the President present the jobs plan to congress first?

Any jobs plan than requires new funding must be approved by Congress before it can be implemented.

If a foreigner becomes a citizen of the US can they be elected to congress?

Yes. The qualifications for becoming a member of the house are that they must be 25 years old, have been a US citizen for 7 years, and they must live in the state they are representing. The qualifications for becoming a member of the senate are that they must be 30 years old, have been a US citizen for 9 years, and they must live in the state they are representing. So, after either 7 or 9 years, depending on which part of congress they wish to run for, they can become a member of congress.

Can Soldiers speak badly about the Commander in Chief of the US?

When acting as soldiers, they would be insubordinate to speak badly of the Commander in Chief. But they are also citizens and as such they enjoy the same freedom of speech as any other citizen does. So it depends upon context.

Do you need to have any special ID to be a lawyer?

you need to go to law school A state can require you to be a citizen of the United States before admitting you to the bar, so you would need identification proving that you are a citizen.

To becomes a US citizen you must?

you must be 18 or over, no have comitted any crimes, lived in the u.s. for atleast 5 years, must speak;read;and writed English