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By everytone standing up in what thet believe in

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Q: Can congress change the organization of district and circuit courts?
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What civil rights organization was founded in 942 and dedicated to effecting change through peaceful confrontation?

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

Constituents often ask for help from members of congress true or false?

Yes. People often write letters to their congress representative. People use is as a way to effectuate change and if the congress person feels the request is something that is needed in their district they will write a bill.

When was Change Congress created?

Change Congress was created in 2008.

Organization change is different from organization development is it true?

An organization that's developing is different from organization change because the organization is building it's foundation.

When was Congress for Progressive Change created?

Congress for Progressive Change was created in 2009.

What must you know before you change a circuit breaker?

Before you change a circuit breaker it has to be established that the breaker is at fault and not some other part of the circuit.

Did congress change the fourth amendment?

NOT possible, Congress can not "change," the Constitution! Only the "People." can vote to AMEND the Constitution.

What is redistrictinig?

Changing the boundaries of a district so as to change the number of representatives it can send to Congress since this is determined by population. Often the party in power will do this in a state to ensure there are more voters from their party in as many districts as possible.

What circuit whose parameters change with voltage or current?

non-linear circuit

How do you change wire fuse for circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker does not have a wire fuse in it.

How do you change the ratio of a current to voltage?

Change the resistance in the circuit

What in a series circuit is constant?

Nothing about a series circuit is necessarily constant. You may be thinking of the current, which is the same number at any point in a series circuit. That doesn't mean that it can't change. But if it does change, it'll change at every point, and still be the same number everywhere in the series circuit.