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Q: Can congress stop executive activities by not funding them?
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How do you stop an executive order?

Congress can override an executive order by the President if they have a 2/3 majority vote. They can also pass legislation that won't allow funding for whatever the President wants to do. This keeps our government from becoming a dictatorship.

Why did humans stop going to the moon?

Primarily because popular support waned and in response NASA's funding for the missions was cut by the US Congress.

How can the chief executive stop a law passed by congress?

If the law is passed by votes of fewer than 2/3 of Congress, he can simply refuse to sign it into law, that is, veto it.

How can congress prevent the federal government from a shutdown if fiscal budget process is incomplete?

pass legislation known as "stop-gap funding" to keep the government running

How did congress stop the president from having complete control over the vietnam war?

By not declaring war, but simply passing a resolution of 'support,' and by limiting the funding for Defense appropriations.

How does executive privilege restrict congressional power?

Other branches can stop things that congress wants to happen by using the powers that certain branch has.

How does the court enforce it's decisions on executive and legislative branches?

It doesn't. The president or congress could ignore them to their hearts content, and the court would have no way to stop them.

When did the government stop funding Catholic schools?

That really depends on what government you are talking about.

Why did Texas refuse federal funds?

so they can stop funding Planned Parenthood

What is stop gap funding?

to keep the government running when the budget has not been approved

Why should the government stop funding for the nasa space travel program?

They should not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who has the power to stop war?