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the battle of toms river was a skirmish between 100 british troops and toms river patriots. it happened in 1782 one year after the battle of Yorktown and the british surrender. and one year before the treaty was signed in Paris. the town was burnt to the ground, josh huddy the leader of the patriots was hung without trial by the british. William Franklin, illegitamate son of Ben Franklin, he was the last royally appointed Governer of the colony of NJ, he was kicked out and replaced with William Livingston. W. Franklin was Sent to Connecticut as a prisoner, he was later traded to the british for some of there POW's. Moved to NYC to the british HQ, gave them intelligence on the Town of Toms RIver which was the leading supplier of salt and oil to all 13 conlonies, as a way to gain revenge on the state of NJ

The Township of Toms River's records begin in 1783 because all documents proir to that battle were burnt with the town.

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Q: Can someone tell me about the battle of toms river?
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You can find the Toms River most prominently in downtown Toms River, as it is the body of water that runs through Huddy Park on Water Street. However, neighboring towns of Island Heights, Beachwood, South Toms River all have large waterfront stretches along the Toms River, and there are several branches of the river (Jake's Branch, for example). There are plenty of places to check out the Toms River in the town of Toms River.

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Toms River Railroad was created in 1881.

What is the web address of the Toms River Seaport Society in Toms River New Jersey?

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i live in south toms river and there really isn't anything worth taking a picture of, bur check out toms river im sure youll find something there

Why is Toms River called Toms River?

The town was origanaly called Cranberry Grove. After the town was burned to the ground in the battle with the British a guy named Tom came to town and had the money to fix it up again. I believe he was a retired pirate looking for a place to settle down. His house was where the bank downtown is now on Main Street. Since he was so helpfull to the colonist, they renamed the town and the river after him.

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Does new Jersey have a river and what one?

Toms River

What is the Raid on Toms River?

during the revolution Joshua huddy was in command of a blockhouse that was attacked ny loyalist. the blockhouse was burnt to the ground. a momorial still stands for the incident on the toms river in toms river, NJ.

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