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The Illinois Constitution can be amended either by Constitutional Convention (if 3/5 of the members in each House of the General Assembly agree to it, which voters can approve or disapprove) or by the General Assembly (if 3/5 of each house of the General Assembly approve the amendment, which is then submitted to the voters at the next general election).

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There are three ways by which the Illinois Constitution can be amended. The first is by a constitutional convention. The second option is by amendments approved by the General Assembly and submitted to the voters. A third way is by petition initiated by the people and limited to the structure and procedures of the Legislature.

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yes, by two-thirds of the legislatures of the States, and for the Convention to propose one or more amendments.

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Q: Can the Missouri Constitution be changed?
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What year was the Missouri Constitution approved?

The Missouri Constitution was approved in the year of 1945.

Where can you find Missouri constitution test study guide?

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What constitution persuaded Anti Federalists to ratify the Constitution?

The Missouri Compromise.

How many rights are listed in Article I of the Missouri Constitution?

The Missouri constitution has 34 articles

When did the Missouri Constitution go into effect?

The first Missouri Constitution was written in 1820 and went into effect that same year. The current Missouri Constitution was adopted and went into effect in 1945.

In what year was Missouri's first constitution adopted?

Missouri's first constitution was adopted on July 19, 1820

What is the difference between the Constitution of India and South Africa?

constitution of India is not changed .while the constitution of South Africa has changed.

What is called when the constitution is changed?

When the constitution is changed it is called an amendment.

What is rigid and flexible constitution?

rigid constitution are those constitution that can not be changed why FLEXIBLE constitution are constitution that can be changed through a process of amendment

Does both the Missouri constitution and the United states constitution have a bill of rights?

The Missouri Constitution does contain a Bill of Rights, found in Article I. The United States Constitution has a Bill of Rights as well.

How would you have changed the constitution in 1787?

i would have not changed the constitution in 1787.

What methods can the constitution be changed?

The U.S. Constitution can only be changed by Amendment.